A Quick Update

I’m momentarily skipping a couple of chapters in this ongoing saga, but I thought I should post an update for those who are wondering what’s going on.

Robb Demarest and I have resumed contact; we’ve been talking daily for the last few weeks. He initiated it, not me. We’re trying to work through our differences. I can appreciate that many will think it’s insanity on my part, but please don’t think I’m being naive.

He promises he’s no longer even flirting with any other woman, so do me a favour and get in touch with me if you have evidence that that’s not the case and I’ll pull the plug on this new experiment without hesitation.

Thanks for your ongoing interest in this story; this is to give you a heads-up while I work on what could be my most controversial post yet.

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Fact Or Faked? The Robb Demarest Apology

Is Robb Demarest’s apology sincere? What do you think?

This is just a small sample of some of the comments that filtered through in response to my last two posts –

“A leopard never changes its spots”

“He has apologised because he has been backed into a corner and knows he’s being watched”

“His letter is stupid”

And here’s an email I received –


Dear Jackie,

I’m not sure if you will ever read this email, but since I’ve been following your posts about Robb for a couple of years, I felt compelled to write.

First, a little background about me. I used to be a huge GHI fan and admit to having a bit of a celeb crush on Robb. That’s the reason why I Google’d his name one day and came upon your site. I was simply astounded reading your story and those of the other women. But I immediately believed everything you wrote for a simple reason: there was always something about him that seemed “off.”

I used to leave posts on his Facebook account and was pretty surprised that he responded to a number of them. Most celebrities don’t give you the time of day, and that’s what I’ve come to accept. His responses took my fandom to the next level. Looking back, that’s a nice way of manipulating a person – these guys know that if you give a fan a tiny bit of attention, they will just feel even crazier about you. Around that time, I opened a Google+ account.

Not really understanding how the whole thing worked, I left it alone until Robb actually asked me to join his “circle.” Despite my crush, I was happily married (at the time), and getting the invite from him just gave me a creepy feeling. I accepted his invite, but I stopped posting and interacting with him. When I read your blog, I was really glad I did. I began to see that that’s how he managed to engage with so many female fans, eventually developing romantic yet twisted relationships with them. He seems to like Asian or other ethnic women the most (I’m also Asian). By the way, you are absolutely stunning, and I can see why he fell for you.

From reading your blog, I could see that Robb is a narcissist, as well as a sociopath. He had to be as most normal people couldn’t juggle that many relationships in that many countries, promising marriage and babies and a happily ever after to a multitude of women. I can barely keep track of my own relatives and friends. How he managed to juggle so many women is beyond me. Only an evil, fucked up individual could do something like that so successfully, and for so long.

I never thought he would ever admit to being wrong and actually apologizing. I’m sure you didn’t either. As astounded as I was first finding out the truth about him, I was just as astounded reading his apology to you. If you decide to accept his apology, that is your right, and I will stand by whatever decision you make. Even though I don’t know you, however, as a woman who has supported you from afar, I just have to say that I don’t have a good feeling about the situation. I don’t completely buy his apology. He’s like the criminal who’s not sorry for committing the crime…he’s just very very sorry he got caught.

Your web site very much was a public service announcement, not only for female fans of Robb but for women everywhere who are in a vulnerable state. I have since separated from my husband and was thinking about dating again, but I decided not to take the plunge right away, knowing that I tend to be very naive and gullible when it comes to men. I could have easily fallen for someone like Robb. I tend to trust too easily if anyone shows me a modicum of kindness and attention. Reading your blog made me a bit more wise to reality in general – that few things are as they seem, and that most people have skeletons in their closets. Your blog has helped me navigate the world a bit more cautiously.

I think ultimately your web site helped him face the music, so to speak. He probably lost potential gigs because of it. He probably has had less success manipulating women because of it. He has had to face the disappointment of his children because of it. He had no choice but to recognize that he was found out and that he could no longer get away with his bullshit. Therefore, he had little choice but to make a public apology, hoping to garner the sympathy of those around him.

In my mind, he apologized because he had no choice. And reading the responses by women on his apology posts were disgusting…they were quick to say what a great guy he is for owning his mistakes (without probably even knowing the background), and they were even quicker to think even MORE highly of him for doing so. Genius move, don’t you think?

HIs apology seemed so weak. So vague. I think if he was truly sorry and honest about wanting to become a better man (think of all the abusive assholes before him who have said the same thing after being caught – think Chris Brown and Harvey Weinstein), I’d have to hear him say in detail EXACTLY what he did to you and all those other women.

I want him to tell his fans that dated multiple women at the same time, promising them marriage and babies and the world. I want him to tell his fans how he lied to each of those women, and how he did abusive things to them in bed against their will. I wonder then if his fans will continue telling him what a great guy he is.

His 15 minutes of fame have long been over. You originally said that you wouldn’t stop going after Robb until he leaves his “celebrity” life behind. I think you should stand by that. As long as there are women who are enamored by his past celebrity, someone like him will NEVER change.

You can’t suddenly not be a narcissist. You can’t suddenly not be a sociopath. How does one make such a drastic 180 change as he is claiming to make? I just don’t buy that he is a “changed man.” I think he is a cornered man, and his only way out of the corner is to appear humble, make a feeble apology, and then gain the forgiveness and love of people who don’t know the full story. PLEASE don’t take down your web site. Let it be a permanent warning for women. It helped me. Think of all the other thousands you probably helped.
Please continue to be cautious, Jackie. I wish you and your adorable son well.


As with everything else connected to this website, there were a lot of backroom discussions that took place before, during and after the “apology”; enough for me to fill a book.

Woman #13, whose story I’ve yet to tell, stepped in to mediate between the two of us. Through her efforts, Robb and I finally talked after 27 months of open warfare. We talked for countless hours almost every day for 3 weeks.

We are no longer talking.

Stay tuned to find out what happened, as I will be sharing transcripts of my chats with a number of key players over that period. Then you can draw your own conclusions about the Robb Demarest apology.

(ps. for those who don’t know, Fact or Faked was a TV show, the star of which Robb attacked publicly on Facebook when he and I broke up in 2016. That’s another story for another day.)

BTW, I’m not sure if the email writer above saw this specific comment on Robb’s initial apology on Facebook, but it is typical of the kind of support he was receiving from his fans. This infuriated many behind the scenes, whose comments calling him out were being deleted.




Robb In His Own Words

First thing I’d like to say is thank you to Jackie Tang for allowing me to have this space on her site. This isn’t my space, this is her website and she decides what goes on it. She didn’t have to let me say anything here and I think people would understand if she didn’t so I appreciate her letting me say what I have to say. With that being said, no. 1, it should be obvious to anyone reading this website that this is not an endorsement by Jackie of my statement. She is just giving me the space to say it.

That said, I don’t agree with many things on this website. Now, Jackie and I have spoken for hours and hours and hours; she could probably give you a better estimate, but I’d say well over 5. Lots to go through, lots to discuss and see where we’re at. And I think one of the biggest things is that she wants to see in her opinion if I were genuinely remorseful for the things I did. Well I said it on Facebook and I’m saying it on this website, to all the people I cheated on and the people I hurt, I sincerely apologize.


Now I’ve been cheated on myself, and you go, well there you go, right away he tries to defend himself; no it’s actually the opposite. If you think about it, having been cheated on, I should have really known better; if you knew how truly awful it feels to have someone go behind your back and lie to you, then you shouldn’t do it.

So I could give explanations and excuses, and I’m not trying to excuse my behaviour, it’s not that I didn’t know what I was doing. It was immature, it was thoughtless, it was heartless, it was mean-spirited, it was cruel, and I could go on and on; it was the definition of a jerk, and I don’t want to be that guy.

So, I’ve dedicated myself, and have been for sometime – I don’t cheat. You don’t have to believe me; Jackie and I have talked about this – no way am I trying to win back fans, it’s not what I’m here for. I’m here to explain that there’s genuine remorse.

I guess that there’s a good question there – which is – are you sorry you did it, or are you sorry you got caught? I’m sorry I did it and I’ve thought about that for quite some time – and my thought was – what if you stole a million dollars and you got away with it? You’d still be sorry you did it – that you stole someone’s money.

And whether I got caught or not is not the point, it’s the fact that I did it at all, and it made me feel like garbage. And I know no-one out there is going to shed any tears and I’m not asking you to; you know cheating is something especially from a male that has become not acceptable but almost condoned, and it really shouldn’t be. And I’m not talking about the #metoo movement and harassment in the workplace; I’m talking about being in a relationship and lying to the other person, and you would find this in almost every religion in the world – do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

So I can’t sit there and cheat and then say, boo hoo everybody, feel bad for me, but I do the same thing. So have I learned from this experience? Yes, not because I got caught, because wrong is wrong and there’s a choice involved.

I won’t make the wrong choice again; I will never cheat again in my life, and like I said, your belief is your belief, you can say yeah right, once a cheater always a cheater; I’ve said that myself, people don’t change, they’re just trying to appear as though they have changed. I’m not trying to trick anybody on this website, I know I have no fans here, I’m not trying to pull the wool over anybody’s eyes, I won’t cheat again.

I’m sorry if my writing has been a bit disjointed; this isn’t the easiest thing to talk about. You know, you don’t want to be known as someone who has to come out and admit that they were an awful person and a cheater, you know, but it feels good and there’s redemption in that. I truly believe in forgiveness and in growing and growth as a person and I’ve been working on myself for a long time and there’s still a long way to go.

Once again, my apologies to those people I cheated and lied to, and thank you Jackie Tang for giving me this time.

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Robb Apologises

Heads-up – if you’re reading this and expecting my usual snark, you are going to be disappointed.

I published my previous post late on Wednesday night, and I woke up on Thursday morning to this message –

Robb Demarest – Jackie, I apologize for hurting and being insensitive to your feelings. You deserved much better treatment, and I was wrong. I should have said this a long time ago. I’m sorry.

I didn’t respond immediately, but frankly, I felt it was grossly inadequate, and I was somewhat suspicious of his motives.

More messages trickled in during the day, until finally this –

Robb Demarest – Nyok, would you (sp) prefer I not message?

I figured at that stage that I should respond.

Now, if there’s one thing that really bugs me, it’s having my name dragged through the mud by Robb’s fans since I broke the story over 2 years ago.

So I replied by sending him a screenshot of John Buffoon’s, oops, Buffam’s comment on my Facebook wall (did I say no snark? I lied)


Then –

Jackie M: Robb, first of all, I forgave you a long time ago…

(I followed with a laundry list of gripes, and a request for him to post a separate apology on FB and to tell his fans to back off from attacking me)

Robb Demarest: All good points. It irked me when anyone attacked you…I want a standalone apology.

I’m so sorry it got to this. Take a look at the post tomorrow and let me know what you think. Before that, Jackie, I am sorry.

Jackie M: Okay thank you

Robb Demarest: My genuine words are posted. If ANYONE is nasty to you, I will defriend them. I’m trying to do my best to be better. If you ever want to talk, I’m here.

This was what he posted on his Facebook wall:

Robb Demarest
July 6 at 3:19 PM
Jackie, I am deeply sorry for the pain I caused. Any slights I threw at you were disrespectful. I would ask that no one say nasty things to her or I will have to defriend you. She had her reasons for her statements, and insulting her in any way is uncalled for and unacceptable. It is my hope that you accept my apology. It is sincere. Robb


I was still cynical, especially when he deleted a comment that he felt was attacking him, but left one up which attacked me. I expressed my annoyance and he agreed and deleted that too.

Not long after that post, Robb called and we spoke at length. I challenged him stridently and to my surprise, he conceded my points.

This was his message after we got off the phone –

You can’t disagree when the other person is right. Also, I think you would be proud of the direction I’m trying to take my life in. Talk soon. Have a good night.

And thank you.

Saturday morning, one of the women whose story I’ve never told, made contact and urged me to talk to him further. She felt we needed to resolve this.

So we had another phonecall, which lasted just under 2 hours.

I took him to task every time it sounded like he was trying to plant doubt about some of the stories. He backed down on all but the most serious allegation.

He had also heard from someone that I claimed we were engaged for 3 years. If you’ve read my story, you’ll know that’s not what I said; we were engaged for a brief period, but we dated for 4 years. He had called me a liar on social media based on incorrect third hand information.

I also demanded there be no attempts at character assassination of the women; the fact remained that he made promises and lied to them about being monogamous. He agreed.

At the end, I came away recognising that he is a work-in-progress, but I’m grateful he has taken definite steps in the right direction.

I also got him to craft a personal apology to Annaliesje, which I sent to her –

Jackie M: Annaka, this is from Robb –

Robb Demarest: Ahna, what I did to you was mean, hurtful, and nasty especially knowing what happened to you in the past. I apologize, but I don’t expect you to accept.  I really screwed up. That said, I really am sorry.

Jackie M: I told him I’d check if you wanted him to call you directly so you could give him an earful

Annaliesje: No.. I don’t need to talk to him.. I accept his apology and hope he can be happy and live life.. it is nice that he apologized .. thanks Jackie for letting me know thank you for all that you’ve done for all of us that have suffered and been in pain ..

… thank you for everything…


I get that opinion will be divided on this latest development –

  • Some will feel this is too little, too late.

I can only say that I believe someone paid for my own sins with his blood 2000 years ago, so the least I can do in turn is to forgive.

Also, if you think I’m being soft on Robb, remember I’m the one who’s put my reputation on the line for over 2 years running this campaign and I’d have kept going for another 20 if I had to.

  • Some will demand I now pull down this website, that at this stage it’s just pure vendetta etc.

Robb himself says that it should stay up. I think that by staying up at for least some time, it serves a number of purposes –

  1. People won’t think I buckled under pressure, or have been lying all along about the stories
  2. They won’t think I got bribed to close it down
  3. It’ll give some continuity to the story and show that there is a resolution to the whole saga; it’ll show that redemption can take place by owning up to one’s past behaviour and taking corrective action
  4. Finally, I guess it will help keep Robb on the straight and narrow until we’re both satisfied that he’s a fully changed man

Thank you to everyone who’s stood by us through this sordid ordeal; it means more than you realise.

For those who tried to give Robb a pass and water down the seriousness of the allegations, Robb himself has this to say – any kind of womanising is not right; if you think it’s cool, you’re basically a d*ck.

Not all of us are together on this; I passed on Robb’s message to a third woman, and she rejected it outright.  

In the same way that I’ve given some of these women a platform to speak out, I will be doing the same for Robb Demarest, so the next post will be from him.

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Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

I have a message for Robb’s fans – Robb is compelling; I get it. I fell for his lies for 5 years.

Have you wondered why he keeps posting outrageous and slanderous claims on Facebook about a certain Aussie? You know what I mean. The ones that turn into a pity party where you tell him how special he is, and what a psycho nutcase stalker I am, and you promise to take action against me to win brownie points with your celebrity victim Robb Demarest.

Do you think there’s a possibility he’s playing you like a fiddle?

He defames me and stirs up a virtual lynch mob, and then once he gets the traction and attention he craves, what does he do?

He DELETES these posts.

Go back to his FB wall and check.

All that’s left are the those pensive philosophical musings that make him look magnanimous, mature and wise.

Are these the actions of someone who’s been wronged, or of someone who has something to hide?


Photo credit: https://mrericksonrules.com

Okay, I need to back up a little, for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about.

In between my work and raising my special needs kid, I don’t have the time or the inclination to spy on what Robb’s up to. But sometimes, I get unsolicited messages from strangers who send me updates about Robb, usually because they know his capacity for damage if left unfettered, and they want me to call him out on it.

Someone sent me some screenshots of what Robb has been posting on his Facebook wall over the last couple of weeks.

Then they reported back to say that these posts have disappeared. I’m guessing Robb has been doing this for much longer than this past fortnight, but I’m not going to sweat it.

They think he’s drunk posting, but I’ve seen Robb’s drunk posts and they’re riddled with a lot more typos than what’s in these, so I would suggest it’s actually a deliberate, malicious campaign by Robb to smear me without legal consequence.

Anyhow, while I was mulling over the content of these screenshots, I received a private message from Robb Demarest himself.

Some elements of this most recent message are reminiscent of what his own wife sent me several months back (I’d been holding back on talking about that because of their kids).

Here is what he wrote –


Robb Demarest:
Hello Jackie. You mentioned how deceitful and unrepentant (sp) my recent comments had been. With my full permission, would you be okay with me sending official documents that prove I was never charged with sexual assault. My belief is I have been repentant with ppl I dated. That is the truth. I dated one person since Saudi Arabia. She dumped me. Such is life. You have every right, as you know, to print this, but I ask (sp) you to stop. You won. You made my two children embarrassed to be my children. I have one more para event and then I’m done. I hope we can stop after that , but if not I will go all out. Feel free to publish this one your pages.
I have ZERO interest in you getting in trouble.
 You have horrifically embarrassed my children. I remain completely single but enough is enough.So

I’ll address the other points in his message another time, but these statements are what I want to focus on right now –

  • “I have ZERO interest in getting you in trouble”

Robb, if that’s the case, could you explain this post on your Facebook page from around that same time, which

  • implies that I’ve been trying to hack your accounts
  • rallies your troops to file reports with law enforcement
  • smears my reputation among them so that they think I’m a “psycho”, a “stalker” and a “nutcase”
  • claims that you’ve contacted the FBI and the Secret Service about me (stop laughing, everyone else)?





Robb Demarest:

Attempted hacks on me: Facebook, Twitter, Bank, DMV, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail. That said, it’s obvious who you are. You lie and you deceive, yet here I am. People are deceived in thinking the government will deal with justice, but trust me it’s getting close! Aussie Aussie Aussie…..


Yes I have. A combination of the secret service and FBI (sp). No response.


Obviously FBI….no response.

Well, for those of you who actually BELIEVE Robb has been hacked, do you know he’s been regurgitating that same story since he and I first met in 2011? Here are a couple of examples from past conversations –



Robb Demarest:

Couldn’t have them getting hacked out of my email!


People have tried. I get emails that someone tried to change my pwd


Sick of FB. People trying to hack (sp) me every 10 min. Was even accused of being a pedo (sp) on Twitter because I sent a very normal and polite msg to a young fan.

When I told one of the other women about his most recent hacking claim and its attribution to me, she backs me up on it –


He is a big fat liar..he always says people hack (sp) his accounts..anything to get sympathy from people..he is such a good sociopathic liar…

And as for the stalker thing, it’s another Robb Humble Brag going back years –


Robb Demarest:

They spread really malicious rumors, threaten your life directly, give out your home address, etc. Of course, I took it all in stride, but I did pick up a concealed weapons permit and start lugging a 9mm around with me.


BTW, try and guess which poster I have pegged as a stalker…


I had someone follow me all over south florida. I didn’t (sp) want to go home and show them where I lived. So I drove to my Boss’s (sp) house =) Of course he has very menacing security guys. So, I think that dissuaded my pursuers. All very strange.


Good call on Ms. Hickox. My stalkers are so lazy.

For those of you still buying into his act, I’m sorry to disappoint you; whether Robb does it for attention or because he truly is that paranoid, the fact remains that I’m no hacker, and I’m doubtful any of his past girlfriends are either.

I also find it rather interesting that you would demand proof of Robb’s wrongdoings (it’s right here, you just need to actually read the interviews & transcripts), yet you buy into his baseless claim that I’m behind these hacking attempts, hook, line and sinker.

Very odd.

Another thing Robb knows about me is that it’s not my “M.O.” as he himself said in my previous blog post. He KNOWS I don’t go around stalking and hacking him, so folks, you can put away your pitchforks and go home.

I personally have zero interest in stalking Mr. Demarest. Pretty much every piece of information I share here is either a transcript from my chats with him or with the other women, or it was sent to me by people who are just fed-up and can see through this guy’s lies.

  • “I believe I have been repentant (sp) with ppl I dated”

Robb, I checked my spam folder and couldn’t find any form of apology from you, and neither could any of the other women I talked to.

In fact, to date you’ve done nothing but deny, obfuscate and outright lie about what you did. Just so we’re on the same page – repentance is not the same as “feeling sorry for myself because I got caught”

And it’s not this watered-down confession (which you also deleted) – where you somehow manage to present yourself as the victim (I’ve cropped the rest of the message because I want to address that in a later post) –


  • “I have one more para event and then I’m done”

You’re done seeking fame, the platform which enables you to attract and take advantage of vulnerable victims? I know about the “para event” – someone sent me a link to it.

Then please explain this – which the same person also sent me a link to, also from the last couple of weeks –


Spent the afternoon hashing out “The Other Rowling” TV series with my exec producer/co-creator, Robb Demarest (of Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International fame), and I’m feeling pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good (à la Larry David)

Fun fact – someone else who knew about my website tried to warn Ms. Rowling – she responded, apparently, by blocking that person. What does that tell you about those who know and yet choose to turn a blind eye?

To the Robb fan, what does all this tell you about this guy?

It tells me that by deliberately posting lies about me, then deleting them, Robb is staging a virtual campaign to malign me without getting sued.

They are the actions of an unrepentant coward.

I’m accessible to everyone who wants to know more about the Robb story. You can choose to read up on everything on this site, and contact me directly for more proof. Or you can continue to malign and slander me while you consciously remain in the dark because you’re so blinded by your brush with “celebrity”.

The day Robb Demarest truly repents is the day my website gets deleted; until that happens, this “psycho stalker nutcase” will continue to write about him.



Robb Demarest Makes Contact

Since I last posted, I’ve heard from other women, including Robb’s wife (the same woman he claimed back in 2014 that he was officially divorced from, though apparently she never got the memo). Maybe one day I’ll share more; we shall see.

What did come as an unexpected surprise was a friend request back in February this year (2018) from – of all people – Robb Demarest himself. Evidently he’d decided to unblock me after 2 years, and wanted to talk. This was his message –


Robb: Hello Jackie. Do you know who did the stupid fake Robb page? That is so not your m.o. I’d also like to send a letter from N. Ireland to state that I am not being accused of any crime. Obviously, I’d like to see if we can come to a peaceful conclusion. I am in contact with several police agencies in Sydney, but as you seem bored of it, maybe a recorded Skype? Anyway, you know I respect you and would like to shut this down! Talk soon, Robb.

I had a look at Robb’s FB page to see what he was talking about, and it looked like he had been ranting about a fake Robb Demarest profile that someone had set up (with Robb spelled as “Rob” – which tells me this person is a genius troll, since it’s Robb’s biggest pet peeve).

It’s clear from Robb’s message that he is still completely unrepentant and in denial about what he did, with his stupid legalistic parsings about not being currently accused of any crime in Northern Ireland, where the report was filed, and with the not-so-subtle threat about being “in contact with several police agencies in Sydney”.

This is why this website needs to stay up. Too many women are bullied into keeping silent.

Since I started my crusade, apart from being harassed by Robb’s fans, he’s set his lawyer on me, hired a private investigator (who left me a threatening voicemail), and lodged a police report to try and shut me down. None of it has worked.

Women need to see that it’s okay to stand strong in the face of this kind of intimidation. 

If you’re reading this, I might as well tell you now, Robb.

The police, when they came to visit me back when you first filed the report, had already completely cleared me of any crime; they came, in fact, to see if they could help ME to nail YOU on any crime based on the evidence I had.

So if you’re still in contact with them, THANK YOU for keeping your story alive in their minds; it saves me the trouble of having to remind them myself. Love, your favourite Aussie xx

jackie m.jpg



I Am Annaliesje (Part 6) – Final Warning

(Final part of Annaliesje’s story, in her own words -)

Checklist of what Robb Demarest says or does.

Robb will –

  • Meet you online on FB, Twitter, etc or at an event…usually paranormal.  Sometimes from a like on one of his comments or pages.
  • Say he loves you


FullSizeRender (1).jpg

  • Call you Baby
  • Tell you that you are his girlfriend



  • Tell you that he is divorced
  • Talk bad about everyone in the paranormal, even in his own local group
  • Tell you how people wronged him in the paranormal field
  • Tell you about his family wronging him
  • Tell you stories of his friends cheating on their girlfriends and that he could never understand why they cheat
  • Tell you that he is a 1 woman man and you are the one, he does not believe in cheating, and if you do, you are out!



  • Beg you to have his baby and let him get you pregnant and have God decide
  • Call you his wife, wife-to-be or his fiancée.  You are spoken for.
  • Send you tons and tons of cartoon stickers, mostly pregnant girl ones




  • Say romantic things to you (online) but in person…just drama and passive aggressive behavior
  • Make you question your recognition of memories between both of you and second guess yourself
  • Make you feel that you can change him and protect him from what your friends and family say about him
  • Have you make him your priority and make you feel like distancing your friends and plans for him
  • Make you feel sorry for him



  • Charm you and make you forget the ugliness of things between you both that has happened..the fighting but he will remind you that it was all you



  • Send pictures back to you that you had sent him..to make you feel uncomfortable
  • Constantly beg for naked pictures and videos telling you what he wants you to do in them



  • Cut you off for days if you question or say something he does not want to hear or he will change the subject or just keep texting you cartoon messages as a response
  • Hate your friends, only like the married ones
  • Tell you that he is your best friend and that is final
  • Call or text at his own time and you better be there for him 24/7
  • Tell you his phone is broken or he does not have one, he will only do everything online
  • Tell you how and what to post on-line and tell you things like don’t cut your hair or not to go
  • Talk bad about all his girlfriends, they are all cheaters and liars
  • Use his celebrity status (if you can call it that) to charm his way to you
  • Make you keep your relationship private but will make you change your status to (IN A RELATIONSHIP) ON FB. He will not change his and will monitor your posts.
  • Not talk to you for days or weeks at a time periodically
  • Make you feel like you are on eggshells around him..he gets mad very easily
  • Get jealous very easily



  • Talk bad about other paranormal involved people that are relatively famous, but then he will post a picture of himself with them, example…profile pic on FB
  • Tell you he wants to help you with your kids and wants a baby with you
  • Tell you he wants to get an apartment with you and give you a timeline when he will move out of the house and on his own without his ex wife



  • Plan a future of marriage with you



The End – as Robb used to say.