How I Fell For a Fake Rape Accusation

Back in September 2016, a woman from Northern Ireland made contact with me and accused Ghost Hunters International’s Robb Demarest of rape. She claimed that she had known him online for about 3 months before they met up in Belfast when he was there to do a paranormal tour, and he invited her to his hotel room and forced himself on her.

She filed a police report but subsequently declined to press charges because, she said, she didn’t want to go through the trauma of reliving the incident. She sounded frightened, timid, and very upset.

Statistically only 35% of rapes are reported to the police, so the fact that she went through with it compelled me (and the small inner circle of women in whom I confided) to believe her story. I published it on my website and saw it as the line in the sand for those who, up to that point, had accused me of being nothing more than a vengeful, gold-digging scorned woman out to get back at my boyfriend for cheating on me.

Robb Demarest publicly came clean about the cheating some 6 months ago. Nonetheless he privately insisted that the rape story was false. He asked me to reach out to the accuser and ask her permission to pull down the story. She refused.

After much back and forth Robb finally sent me some evidence surrounding the incident. Based on what I saw and heard from him, I took it upon myself to pull down the post. I wanted to go public immediately but Robb insisted I held off. He didn’t want to open another can of worms because the very association of the word “rape” with his name could affect his career prospects, even if it was done so in the context of clearing him.

Four months on, we’ve come to realise it’s better to be completely upfront than to hope the story will go away on its own.

I have over 200 A4 pages of transcripts of conversations with the accuser from the time she initiated contact, so it’s not feasible for me to republish everything word-for-word, but as always, you can hit me up for the full documentation.

Here are some copy-pastes (complete with typos); some further screenshots are at the bottom of this post, to give you an idea of our chats.

This was how the story first came to me (it was very disjointed, and it took more than a day to get her to tell me what happened); I’ve left out my responses except where they clarify her answers –


People need to know wot an absolute horrible, mental, disgusting creature robb demarest is!!! I hope he gets wot Is coming to him!!!

I’ve encountered him x horrible person x

Jackie M – Thank you so much. Were you involved with him?

Never was x

I wish I could tell u more, but I can’t take any risk xx

I just hope karma is coming round, and I want front row seats!x

I can’t say tho what happened to me to hate that man but I can point u in directions x

I promise u I’m not lying. I deleted all my pictures with him but I have a name if you want to check out pictures from his Ireland tour

She makes me angry so much now. As she is one of the groupys x

Please please keep this confidential x

Yea x but I don’t want this all coming back on me x

Disgusting, ugly horrible piece of crap!

He doesn’t like rejection!

Let’s just say police were involved x I can’t say anything x

They all still worship him x

Jackie M – How long did you know him for before he came to Ireland?

About 3 months x But I never wanted a sexual relationship x I was with my boyfriend x

I am so frightened incase I get done for slander x

Jackie M –  Can you explain how he destroyed your life?

I can’t x I’m so sorry

He really hurt me

Wot Is it about him wanting women to tell him they love him!!!

He is a sick twisted dangerous man x women need to be warned about him!!! Sorry I really am not much help xx

He is a sick, violent disgusting man xx

Jackie M – Hah I’ve given up on relationships thanks to him. But I saw your photos with your partner and you look so perfect together I honestly wish the best for your future together.

Awwww thank u so much xxx Really means a lot xx My partner is one in a million x he went thru everything with me and wot happened with robb xx

Oh yes xxx he took me to police x

Jackie M – Oh wow. Did Robb get arrested?

Nope x He was moving from saudi at time to florid a maybe Took them at least 6months

Jackie M. – Yes he moved back to Florida around July 2015 You went to the police after he left Ireland?

Yea cause it was April 2015 when he was here x

Jackie M.-  Did he threaten you?

I really can’t say x But As we said before he doesn’t like the word no x

I just didn’t want to go thru anymore pain

I hope he falls good and hard! Especially on his penis!!!!!

I didn’t have a choice (about sleeping with Robb)

Alot of people didn’t believe me either x But I don’t dwell I get on x U can’t go forward if u keep looking back xxx

He keep saying to me ” tell me you love me” I was like no I don’t I love my boyfriend Please let me go

I had to get sti tests done

This man needs to be stopped x

I don’t wish death on anyone x but for him it would be to quick x

It took me a full year to get over my trauma x I was cutting myself just so I could feel something x

I’m frighten incase he takes me for slander x If he ever came to Belfast he would leave in a box x

He bruised me and took any dignity I had x

I asked him not to touch me and he said it’s just a vagina

Told me he wanted snuggles And wanted me to tell him I loved him

I fucking hate him Sorry

I told him I had to go to get my daughter he said nope I have u till 6.30 The tears were trip me

The only reason I think he let me go was he was getting picked up to go to another investigation

Jackie M – How long were you in the room with him for?

I think it was roughly 2 2half hours

I had to go along with it. He scared me!!! I didn’t know if I was going to get out in one piece if I didnt

I told my (ghost hunting) team wot happened I got threw out 4 weeks later

He can’t x but he denied it He nearly ruined my life for my children

He didn’t even use a condom or anything

I feared for wot he might do He is strong

He said to me come up and knock the hotel door I’m so fucking stupid!!!!!

It has taken to now to come through this

I just don’t want to go backwards again I didn’t like the darkness

He needs to be hung drawn and quartered He left bruises on my nipples, breast top of thighs I showed the police

Jackie M – How long before you went to the police?

3 days

I wasn’t going to But he (the boyfriend) took me in and told me women need to know

He is such an amazing man x

They wanted to do an internal and swabs but I couldn’t! I just wanted out of there Last thing I wanted was someone touching me

So many people didn’t believe me I actually doubted myself for a long time x

I even think u think I’m lying I swear I’m not x I wouldn’t ever lie about that

R u ok????

I’m really panicking now Maybe I shouldn’t have told you x I’m sorry I’m a very honest person x

I don’t want him taking me for slander against his name

I was just happy being a woman of 36 enjoying going back to school, met an amazing man and then he fucked it all up for me

Thank u xx I want to see him hurt the way he has made us all feel xx

As long as I won’t be trailed thru court and my name is not mentioned I don’t have a problem x It’s amazing how just with one person speaking up others will xx This man is going to pay!

He will deny it all

I keep getting flashbacks I’ve just never been able to talk about it

I was very nervous te the u at start x I honestly didn’t think u would believe me x I thought u might have thought I was just jumping on the bandwagon x If that makes sense x

He could see the tears running down my face Absolute b@tard!!! Sorry Flashbacks I get this alot still

Then I knew I had to make a decision

Either fight and see wot happens or stay and just pretend All I could think of was my children and my partner x I didn’t know if if would see them again

I want to see him suffer

Put him in with all the rapists in jail!

If their is any other details u need to use go ahead x I want him exposed I want people to read about what sick things he does

Jackie M – Are you sure? (About me telling her story)

Yes As long as I’m not mentioned or can be done for slander x

As long as I can’t be taken to court for slander

Ok x I’m trying to find the letter from the prosecution office I was bullied into dropping charges

My boyfriend doesn’t know either x But I felt u should know the truth x

Well let’s pray that this might help x I hope it’s the last nail in coffin that u have been looking for xx

Jackie M – it doesn’t matter, he can’t take legal action against you, you’re anonymous

He will name me tho I can’t afford nothing so I would lose everytime


To summarise, the accuser said –

  • She was tasked with picking Robb up from the hotel
  • He asked her to come to his room and he then allegedly assaulted her
  • She said no, had tears running down her face, but he persisted
  • She made a decision to play along in fear of her life
  • Her boyfriend took her to the police 3 days later to file a report
  • She declined to press charges, but her boyfriend does not know that to this day
  • The police nonetheless had to initiate an investigation, which took 6 months to wrap up. They decided against prosecuting.
  • Nobody believed her, including her paranormal team, who booted her out of their group
  • Her boyfriend is an amazing, loving, supportive guy and a one-in-a-million
  • She admitted to some “flirting” but never wanted a sexual relationship with Robb; she loved her boyfriend.

As you can see from the transcripts, she was terrified of being sued for slander. This carried on for the next 2 years, where she would waver in her support for my campaign because of that; she also said on more than one occasion that she just wanted to move on with her life.

Fast forward to July of 2018, when Robb publicly admitted I had been telling the truth about his cheating. He insisted to me that he didn’t rape the woman; I was skeptical because of his past denials about my own story.

Still, it stood out to me that it was the one outlier among all the accounts on my website; when I first went public about Robb being a cheater, many other women came forward to reaffirm what I had said.

When I published the rape story, I expected the same kind of response from other women he might have assaulted. There was NONE.

On the contrary, some women who contacted me talked about how he had never forced himself on them even when he had the opportunity. In my own experience with Robb, he could be rough but he never knowingly did anything against my will.

I put it down to a misunderstanding of intent by a timid fan who didn’t know what he was like.

At the time he and I re-established communication, Robb asked me to reach out to the accuser to see if she would agree to me pulling down her story.


He makes me sick

He ruined me, well almost!

Jackie M – He just wanted to let you know he won’t bother you or come after you etc. And he’s very sorry about how you feel

Justice system sucks for rape victims one of the reasons y i wouldn’t do it

He raped me and hopefully god will deal with him!

Im just going to move on now. Not for him but for my own mental health x

Jackie M – Of course

However, rape case stays up x

Jackie M – Sure


So the story stayed up for a few more weeks.

I finally coerced Robb to send me the evidence he claimed would exonerate him.


Robb D – Ok. You remember our agreement? I do not want her to be hurt.

Jackie M – Send it and I will talk to you about it.

Robb D – … Can we discuss in detail tomm?

Jackie M – Yes but send it now so I can form an opinion and run it by you tomorrow


Robb D – Remember our promise. I’m scared for her. I vowed never to do this but my dad said to trust you.

Jackie M – Robb I have talked to her for 2 years. I know her. She’s not as weak as she makes out.

Robb D – Can we talk tomm? There is more.


Robb D – She told me he was abusive. So, I thought I was doing the right thing. I know you had 100 reasons not to trust me but I told the truth.

Jackie M – 102 reasons





In summary, Robb says he had withheld the evidence all along because he thought her boyfriend was abusive towards her.

According to Robb, one time when they were talking on the phone he asked if her boyfriend had been physically abusive to her; she responded by bursting into tears. He had assumed thereafter that she was trapped in a violent relationship.

I said that’s the complete opposite of what she had told me and he wouldn’t believe me so I sent him some screenshots. That was when he decided to let me share the evidence.

Here’s the transcript of a conversation (again, complete with typos) 2 days before the incident, after they’d had sex  –


Robb D – Cuz no sleepover

Obviously nobody finds out about our secret rondevouz…

Woman – Defo not!!!

U said i was mean cause i didn’t stay lol

Robb D – That’s our secret!!!

Woman – Ok xxx

Robb D – Pinky swear?

Woman – Yea i dont want my fella finding out xx

Robb D – He never will. In fact delete all the msgs about it just to be safe.

Woman – Ok i will be up for 6ish it might be cold tho

Woman – Did i leave some fake tan on ir sheets lolol im missing some of my body lololol

Robb D – wink emoticon yes


Other evidence according to Robb, which goes against her narrative that she was under duress –

  • The police had CCTV recording of the couple leaving his hotel room together, where she offered to help carry his backpack because he was handling other luggage, and he obliged
  • Witness statement from the person they were meeting at the lobby, that she reached out and asked Robb to give her a hug and a kiss before he left
  • Witness statement from the taxi driver who took her home, saying that she did not display any signs of distress
  • The fact that she continued posting “normal” stuff on Facebook in the days after the incident, and before she went to the police
  • In their private communications, she was increasingly paranoid that her boyfriend was getting suspicious about their relationship towards the end
  • She didn’t go to the police until after Robb had left the country, and only because her boyfriend insisted, and she wanted it withdrawn behind his back
  • He said she NEVER cried at any stage; in fact she laughed and called him “a gentleman” when he went into the bathroom and fetched a towel for her afterwards
  • She was the one who wanted to “hide” in his hotel room after the encounter, because she was worried that one of the people downstairs knew her boyfriend, so they hung out and watched TV together
  • The police told Robb they thought she was “nutty” and they asked him if he wanted her arrested for filing a false report (he said no)


I decided to confront the accuser about this new development, since she had clearly lied about being in a sexual relationship with Robb. Here are the screenshots –




She then blocked me. She also blocked the other two women to whom I’d sent the evidence even though (as far as I’m aware) they hadn’t confronted her about it.

Finally, this is what the public prosecutor sent her after their investigations –

Dear Ms xxx

I am writing to you on behalf of the Regional Prosecutor of the Public Prosecution Service. I am responsible for deciding whether a prosecution should be brought in relation to the incident which occurred in Belfast on 18th May 2015. The police have investigated this incident and have sent me details of the evidence they have obtained together with their recommendation regarding the course of action I should take.

The Public Prosecution Service can only prosecute if there is sufficient evidence to provide a reasonable prospect of conviction and if prosecution is required in the public interest. This is known as the test for prosecution.

In this case, I have decided that the evidence available is insufficient to provide a reasonable prospect of obtaining a conviction for any criminal offence.

You have made a witness statement dated 26th May 2015 indicating that you no longer wish to pursue your complaint.

In these circumstances and in the absence of any other evidence the test for the prosecution is not met.

I note that you declined to undergo a medical examination at the Rowan Sexual Assault Referral Centre.

Yours sincerely,


Senior Public Prosecutor


In a 2017 report by the US National Institutes of Health, fake rape accusers “were primarily motivated by emotional gain. Most false allegations were used to cover up other behaviour such as adultery or skipping school”.

Robb may have been guilty of cheating but based on the evidence I’ve seen, and by the woman’s response (ie. by blocking me) it would appear that he was the victim of a fake rape report. 

I am not naming and shaming her, and the only person towards whom she might be answerable would be her boyfriend, should he stumble upon these post-coital transcripts with Robb and the revelation that she tried to withdraw her complaint behind his back. I am very sorry for having publicized this woman’s story and I hope this post to some extent helps clarify the matter.


Robb publicly apologised in July 2018 for his cheating and for that reason I have password-protected the rest of the content on this website, but you can contact me if you need more information.

Some random screengrabs from past conversations with the accuser –