Two Sides to Every Story?

That’s what Robb Demarest has been saying to his collaborators behind the scenes, yet he’s been in hiding since I came forward 2 weeks ago.

We EIGHT women would love for him to man up and address the “two sides” to each piece of evidence we have on this “celebrity” ghost hunter and lead investigator in shows like Haunting:Australia and Ghost Hunters International.

This therefore is today’s installment of “Paging Robb Demarest for Your Side of This Story”.

By the way, seeing as Demarest has blocked me, I’d appreciate it if you could share this on his social media timelines. Thanks so much!


Timeframe – Jan-mid February 2013

Demarest was in Malaysia with Woman #2 to film NTV7’s Seekers Season 9 followed by some romantic R&R. (If you’re just catching up, Woman #2 is yours truly.)


This pic above was taken on 10 February 2013. Sorry for the bad focus – I blame the waiter!

This just crossed my desk this morning – messages he sent Woman #3, that he had been grooming online. Date – 9 Feb 2013.




So apparently he was “holding off on entering any relationships” because of Woman #3, while he was on a romantic holiday with Woman #2. How intriguing.

A couple of days after these exchanges, he would be telling Woman #2 about his dreams of eloping with her.

To reinforce his sentiment, this was what he sent Woman #2 days later on February 14, 2013 after he landed back in Saudi Arabia –

riyadh night.png

Ignore the Hole in Temple bit – inside joke. Still pretty prosaic though, you have to admit.

I especially like the humble brag to Woman #3 in the previous exchange – did you notice that as well?

“I’m not going to bs…of course I have a lot of ppl want to date me.” – Robb Demarest, Feb 9, 2013

Well, let’s see if we can cut down that pool of women little by little.


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