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Did Robb Demarest Send You These Romantic Messages?

One of my early blog posts at Medium from when the story first broke, re-shared here for those who missed it.


(Update  – EIGHT women have now come forward, seven of whom are single moms dating Robb Demarest concurrently and thinking we were all in exclusive relationships with him.)

Dear Lisa-Marie, you commented on New Idea Magazine’s love rat story about Robb Demarest.

You said you don’t believe it. That he’s a good friend.

I checked out your profile. I may be wrong, but it tells me you’re exactly the type of woman he would target.

You’re in the UK; he was in Saudi Arabia and now in the USA. How did he become your “good friend”?

Did he contact you online? Because that’s how he and I met too. You’re pretty and you’re into the paranormal. Same here.

Medium 1 - 1

Does he talk a lot about his stalkers? He’s building up to when he asks you to keep quiet about your relationship — for your protection, of course.

Medium 1 - 2

Did you ask him about me?

Did he say I’m just a friend who was in love with him and it wasn’t reciprocated? That’s what he told me about Brandy from GHI.

Medium 1- 3

Medium 1 - 4
When we officially started “dating”.

Or that we had a fling and I read it wrong? Or that we broke up years ago and I’ve never gotten over it?

Medium 1 - 5
Otaku = Japanese term for people with an obsessive interest. He’s saying he’s obsessed with me.
Medium 1 - 6
Message from Feb 2, 2016

Did he tell you about his sordid past, when he couldn’t take relationships seriously? That you’re his redemption and he wouldn’t do that to you? That even when he had casual flings, he never played anyone?

Medium 1 - 7

Does he complain about his colleagues cheating on their partners? You would assume by contrast that he must be better than that.

Does he share about his tough upbringing? Stuff he’s never shared with other people? Photos from his pre-television past? Maybe that photo of that diner where he worked at 13 years of age?

Medium 1 - 8
Nyok is my Chinese name; he’s pining for me because of our long distance relationship, supposedly.

Does he tell you about his nightmares?

Does he talk about weddings, and where you’re going to live, and how beautiful your kids would look?

Medium 1 - 9

Does he remember the tiniest details about you from years back?

Medium 1 - 10
This was sent from him Feb 2016 talking about one of our trips from 3 years back, in 2013

Do you share “in” jokes, culturally-specific ones to match your UK background, maybe? Does he put on a bad British accent for a laugh, pretend he’s British etc. around you?

He did that with me and my Malaysian/Chinese/Hakka heritage.

Medium 1 - 11

Does he call you Baby? Did he give you a pet name, that no-one else knows you by? Mine is Nyok Tang— my Chinese name that is no longer used.

Medium 1 - 12
Conversation from Feb 2016

It makes you feel special, doesn’t it?

I’m sorry, Lisa-Marie. For over 4 years, I thought I was special too.


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