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My Celebrity Ghost Hunter Boyfriend is a Sexual Conman

One of my early blog posts at Medium (March 30) from when the story first broke, re-shared here for those who missed it.


This concerns my interview about Robb Demarest of Ghost Hunters International and Haunting:Australia in Australia’s New Idea magazine.

What follows below was written BEFORE the magazine article came out (and before yesterday’s “first Medium post”) but I wanted to wait 48 hours before publishing. Last night, I was contacted by TWO other women thanks to yesterday’s shares of the New Idea story. There are now SIX of us including another one I was told to talk to and of that, five are single moms. I think there are more out there. Please share this far and wide, especially if you belong to paranormal groups. Women need to be warned about this.


Before you judge me, this is NOT a bad breakup story. I’ve had bad breakups that I’ll take to my grave because it’s frankly none of your business. This is about exposing a sociopath before other women get hurt.

For over 4 years, I secretly dated a TV star.

My boyfriend, who I first met online, asked me to keep quiet about our relationship.

I couldn’t interact with him publicly on social media, and I couldn’t tag him in any photos.

He wanted to protect me from his jealous fans, he said.

Looking back now at our old messages, I notice from very early on — even before we became a “couple” — he peppered his talk with mentions about stalkers.

“Guess which of these posters is a stalker?” That sort of thing.

He explained that they start out friendly and that they gradually get more bitter and vicious.

These stalkers would attack me out of jealousy, he said. One time, they tracked down his address and followed him home. He even had to buy a gun for protection.

So, like an obedient and loyal girlfriend, I kept our relationship secret.

I always referred to him in public as “my collaborator”, “my associate” or “my TV partner-in-crime” (we were involved in a number of TV projects).

We started talking casually in December 2011 — he circled me on Google+ and, recognizing his name from his TV show, I circled him back. He started messaging me immediately and relentlessly.

When Robb got in touch, I was alone, pregnant, and trying to run my restaurant and food business.

(I’d kicked my husband out of our home a few weeks prior because of what I saw as unacceptable behaviour, right before I found out I was pregnant. I thought at the time it would be a temporary separation, but he never came back.)

We talked every day for some four weeks, mostly about paranormal reality TV shows — his genre. Then he revealed he’d developed feelings for me and asked what I thought if we started long distance “dating”.

The next 4+ years were a roller coaster ride. Sometimes he would disappear for weeks. I didn’t want to seem clingy and needy, so I didn’t complain.

I broke up with him once, and wrote him off a number of times. He always found a way to work himself back into my heart and my life.

When I asked him about other women during his absence, he insisted that he couldn’t possibly have slept around — he was based (at the time) in Saudi Arabia — there were just no women in his circle of acquaintances.

I never considered dating other men even when he was out of contact for long stretches. I just assumed he was busy, or conflicted about where our relationship was headed, or possibly even flirting with other women online.

I didn’t like it, but I always “knew” he’d come back. We had a special connection. Or so I thought.

It all came to an end in late February this year (2016). We got into a minor argument and he unfriended me on Facebook. Then he blocked me.

I was thrown for a loop; we’d been planning a romantic catch-up in Vietnam.

Two weeks passed and I was over him and determined to move on with my life.

Then I got an unexpected DM on Twitter. It was from someone who knew him.

Did I know about Robb’s bad behaviour during Haunting:Australia, he asked.

(HA was a show I had pitched successfully for him, that he shot back in 2013.)

Talk to woman A, he messaged, with a link to her profile.

Ask the HA guys about woman B, who was part of the show’s production crew.

So I did. Woman B was actually a FB friend.

I messaged her — “Were you f*cking my boyfriend when he was here to film HA?”

“Can we talk on the phone, sweetie?”, she responded.

We talked for over an hour.

She had no idea he was my boyfriend, she said. She’d seen us together but he’d told her I was “just a friend”.

Woman B and I were FB friends for 2 years without realising we were both in a relationship with him — this shows how effective he was.

I messaged woman A, initially on Instagram, then Facebook. Sure enough, he’d told her too, that I was just a friend.

The three of us compared timelines and found out we were all dating him at the same time. In fact we were all intimate with him within days and possibly hours of each other.

One time, after spending a day with me, he went back to woman B’s hotel room. Knowing he had been to see me and had been gone for hours, she was suspicious but he reassured her that he and I were just friends and that nothing happened.

I feel sick to the stomach every time I play that back in my head.

I get that celebrity affords you access to groupies. If you’re reading this and you have a fan crush on Robb Demarest and want a no-strings-attached fling, go right ahead. I won’t judge.

We three women (I’m sure there are others out there) were not casual relationships.

When we compared notes, I found out he’d promised them everything he’d promised me.

Babies; a future together (he once proposed marriage to me; wanted to adopt my yet-unborn, Down Syndrome baby).

That he was a one-woman-man and would never play us. And, of course, to keep quiet because of his jealous fans.

Like me, woman B was a single mom. She sounded devastated when she revealed she’d introduced him to her kids.

Based on those conversations and from trawling through 4+ years of messages, I’ve come to the following conclusions about his methods –

He used his celebrity to gain our trust.

He set up a systematic process to groom us into keeping quiet.

He made promises he had no intention of keeping.

He constantly begged for nude pics.

He preyed on the vulnerable — I’m a single mom raising a disabled baby on my own — with no consideration for the emotional consequences.

The other women don’t want to go public. He has photos of them that they’d rather not end up online.

They want to move on with their lives and they hope that Karma will get him one day.

I’m different.

My Hakka genes dictate that I will not rest until this sociopath and sexual conman is exposed and stopped before he hurts other women.

I am his goddamn Karma.

Medium 2 - 1
One of the photos that have never been shared in public because of keeping our relationship secret

— — — — — — — —

Latest update 1 April 2016 — a SEVENTH woman has come forward, who was so traumatised she couldn’t speak. She had just introduced him to her family after a year of dating; they were planning a future together at the same time he’d proposed/talked of marriage with two other women, and reignited his love affair with me.


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