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Robb Demarest Messages to Woman #7 and Woman #2

I’ve copped some backlash for coming forward about Robb Demarest, who accidentally forgot to tell his 8 (and counting) girlfriends about each other.

This next bit was sent to me by my friend John Craig, who has written a fair bit on human psychology. I reached out to him BEFORE I went public, and this is what he said —

I’d also warn you that if Demarest is a sociopath, and it sounds as if he probably is, he’ll stop at nothing to get revenge. You’ll restrict yourself to telling the truth about him, but he’ll make up lies about you, vicious lies which you may have no way of disproving, even if they’re not true. Just be forewarned on that score, and be prepared to hear some lies about yourself. At the very least he’ll deny what you’ve said and will call you a liar.

As predicted, I hear Demarest is now trying to discredit me by claiming that we didn’t date for 4 years. I don’t deny that he was gone for long periods — that’s what I said in both the New Idea interview and in an earlier post.

(If you’re a fan intent on making excuses for his behaviour, I’d really appreciate it if you could send him the articles. Thanks Allen/Lisa-Marie!)

In the meantime, this is woman #7 who had been with him a year and was still actively dating him yesterday (April 1, 2016) when she got in touch with me —

Medium 3-1

And this was what he told me a few weeks ago in February this year after being gone for months —

 Medium 3-2
Medium 3-3
Demarest looking highly uncomfortable in this pic taken by Shangri-La Sabah in May 2014. I thought I wasn’t hot enough to be in his presence but it turns out he didn’t want his other girlfriends to suspect anything.

This is just a drop in the ocean as far as evidence I have on him; I’m putting more together, but in the meantime I want to clarify (yet again) why I’m doing this.

Mainly for Lisa-Marie’s benefit since she asked me that question 6 different ways during our FB back-and-forths (unfortunately she’s since blocked me, which is highly inconsiderate since I was hoping to copy/paste her questions and my answers for this blog post).

Also, Lisa-Marie, if you’re reading this – it’s you’re, not your. (Sorry. It’s been eating at me all week.)

First of all, I’m NOT doing it for these reasons —

  1. I’m a scorned woman. I’ve had bad breakups before and not gone public. If they don’t serve to edify my audience there’s no point in sharing about them.
  2. I want the publicity. This is distracting from my core brand — I really just want to be known as a great Malaysian cook and Down Syndrome advocate, I promise. When was the last time you saw me Livestream my cooking? That’s because I’ve been caught up in this.
  3. I’m cashing in on his celebrity. I’ve got 1.9 million followers; he’s got 20 thousand. (Thank you and good night.)

Why am I doing this?

  1. For the victims. The others are scared to speak out; Demarest is scary and confrontational, and he’s got pics they don’t want to get out. Some have kids and family and careers they want to protect. They all believe he needs to be exposed and they support me behind the scenes in different ways.
  2. For men. Some young guy responded to “My TV Star Boyfriend is a Sexual Conman” — “Your boyfriend is awesome, I wanna be like him!!!” I told him to send his mom, girlfriend and sisters’ details so I can forward them his comment. I’m still waiting. Men need to take a stand against this behaviour and I appreciate the ones who have expressed their disgust and tried to convince me there are some good men out there who are nothing like Demarest. Thank you and please continue speaking up.
  3. For other women. Some have gone through similar experiences. Others feel strongly about women’s rights. Please keep sending through these messages; they mean more than you probably realise –

Medium 3-4

Medium 3-5

Keep your eyes peeled for my next update on this developing story!

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