I Get What You’re Doing Now

That was the message from a male friend who had been following my Demarest posts from Day One, and who had originally questioned whether my “obsession” might be hurting me.

(If you’re one of those people who wonder the same thing, trust me, it’s not – it’s my way of reclaiming my power and sending a message to Demarest that I am going to hold him accountable for his actions.)

Oh yes, before I go on, I know I’m missing Part 2 of The Women In Their Own Words . I tend to underestimate the impact of my posts and Part 1 stirred up quite a hornet’s nest online when it was posted just over a week ago. I thrive in this environment but I appreciate a lot of it is still very raw for some of the other women. I’m giving them some breathing space before I publish part deux, but it will solve the mystery of Florida and also involve a Playboy centerfold, so keep your eyes peeled for it.

I didn't come this farto only come this far

My friend writes –

I get what you’re doing now. It’s legitimate. He’s an absolute dead ringer to subject a person to violence.

Me – …People need to be warned about him. He’s a fraud.

…He my (sp) be sociopathic as well per the fact that he has been successful in switching his emotions off….

Me – …Publicly he was fundraising for breast cancer but when one of his women had  a breast cancer scare he had zero interest or concern. She (later) had a breakdown and he wouldn’t even take her calls.

…he has learned that he has an ability to gain the emotional trust of females. It’s quite deadly. 

(At this point my friend gave a theory about Demarest’s sexual orientation which I won’t share right now since I still know very little about human psychology.)

You are doing this because you are appalled at yourself for falling for him.

Me – Yes that’s a large part of it…He gained access to me via his celebrity.

You are an intelligent, capable (pick another 10 adjectives) yet he got under your skin.

Me – Not that I had a crush on him, but because I recognised him from TV I added him back.

So it’s a personal catharsis as well as a warning to other less able women…

My friend was right, of course. I’ve always prided myself in being a tough nut to crack and Demarest recognised that when he wormed his way back into my life in January/February this year (some lovey-dovey talk from him preceded this) –


(nb. I’ll talk about the proposal another time; it’s a good story.)


So that’s very recent, and after years of dealing with his inconsistencies I was clearly guarded, but I wanted to compare it to interactions from the early days, and this was what I dug up from back in January 2012 (don’t forget our date formats are backwards in this part of the world).

This was what I was like 4 years ago, before we started officially dating. At this point he had spent weeks grooming me through long hours of platonic conversation, and he was getting impatient (he’s referring here to my Chinese name – Nyok) –

[11/01/2012 12:25:16 AM] robbghi says: I like it.
[11/01/2012 12:25:22 AM] Jackie M says: chinese music?
[11/01/2012 12:25:30 AM] robbghi says: And your name.
[11/01/2012 12:25:35 AM] Jackie M says: ok
[11/01/2012 12:25:45 AM] Jackie M says: thank you
[11/01/2012 12:25:51 AM] robbghi says: You are very welcome.
[11/01/2012 12:26:20 AM] robbghi says: And your hair.
[11/01/2012 12:26:31 AM] robbghi says: And your smile.
[11/01/2012 12:26:43 AM] Jackie M says: thanks. i get that a lot.my hair, that is. my name, not so much.
[11/01/2012 12:26:45 AM] Jackie M says: never, in fact
[11/01/2012 12:26:46 AM] robbghi says: The attitude though? Phew…thats tough
[11/01/2012 12:26:56 AM] Jackie M says: yeah, deal with it

And this, in the middle of a chat about a TV show –


Followed by this –


Yes, I’m mad at myself for eventually succumbing to him; I held up really well for the longest time. I didn’t go weak-kneed at the attention from this (minor) celebrity, and I’m not (despite an idiotic Mr. Prater’s little tantrum on my FB page about my “jilted woman” posts) writing because I’m bitter about the “fish that got away” – I’m telling a story that needs to be told.

Potential victims can read about all of this and make their own decisions – some continue to defend him and that’s their prerogative. My job is to show the world how this conman got under my skin (and that of SEVEN other women) – if he can do it to me, he can do it to anyone.


The Women In Their Own Words – 1

I’ve written in previous posts about some of the Demarest women and how I found them. This 2-part series lets them tell their stories in their own words. 

It’s not always practical to screenshot the conversations (large chunks of of them reveal too much about their identities), so I’ve mixed them up with quotes from the transcripts.

I’ve picked up the following patterns from these initial conversations –

  • promises of a future by Demarest
  • fear of compromising pics leaking out
  • Demarest’s tendency to go quiet for periods of time
  • the batch dumping of girlfriends and batch attempts at reigniting relationships
  • their bewilderment at being dumped for trivial reasons after long courtships

If you’re just catching up, here’s my post outlining these women’s relationships (the date patterns are more obvious there) => The Robb Demarest Relationships Timeline

I’m sticking to the same numerical sequence in referencing the women.

To reiterate, this was how things unfolded –

24 Feb 2016 – Demarest breaks up with me over a minor fight. We had first started dating in 2012 and he would go silent for long periods over the next 4 years, but always came back.

8 March – A former colleague of Demarest contacts me online and tells me about what he knew while filming Haunting Australia in 2013.

The conversation below picks up from my disclosure that I was the person who pitched Haunting:Australia for Demarest; a fact that he had kept secret from his co-stars the whole time. For as long as we were together I didn’t want to push the point about getting sidelined. I wasn’t even allowed to visit him on set and wasn’t invited to the HA wrap party.

I thought he needed the ego boost and adulation of his co-stars to be seen as the guy who successfully secured the show and got them a TV gig. He had, after all, been dumped from Ghost Hunters International previously and had had no luck getting any of his projects off the ground until I came along.

Now that we’d split up, I had no problem telling it like it is. Anyone who researches the production company that made HA would know their genre is food, which is how I had a pre-existing relationship with them.


This was the first mention of another girlfriend – Woman #3.

According to this person, Woman #3 got in touch with a number of people during Haunting:Australia because he had gone silent.

He continued –

He’s just dumped her about a month ago! But was seeing her when we was in OZ so she said. I told her he was ment (sp) to be with you! At the time! She was shocked as he was ment (sp) to be with her! All very messy…

Me – Did you tell her who I was?


Yes! I said I had met you and you was a stunning person! But at the time I don’t think she believed me.


Talk to her babe she’s a nice girl X 

(NB. Woman #3 would later tell me they broke up 4  months ago as opposed to “a month ago” per this person’s account; it doesn’t matter in this sequence but I’m pedantic.)

And then this – first mention of Demarest with one of the women in the show’s production (Woman #5)


Because of my involvement with pitching Haunting:Australia, I had been FB friends with Woman #5 since 2013 with neither of us aware we were both dating him.

Woman #5

I confronted Woman #5 on FB. (Yes, I was pretty blunt – I was still in shock about the revelations.)


A long phone conversation followed, during which Woman #5 said Demarest also promised a future with her, wanted her to have his baby, etc.

She had heard from him after a long silence, on Feb 26 – ie. 2 days after he broke up with me. In that conversation he had wanted to reignite their relationship but she said no.

She recently found out that during his last trip with her in 2015, he had met another woman and had been private messaging and asking her for nude pics as well.

Unfortunately for him, this woman already had a boyfriend so she told some mutual friends who passed on the information to Woman #5.

Woman #5 about a sex tape –


This was as well as photos he had of her. Despite the reassurance, woman #5 ultimately decided against going public because of her children and career.

Woman #3

I then contacted Woman #3 on Instagram and this was part of the conversation –

Woman #3 – I was with Robb for like 2.5 years…He told me the exact same things about a future together etc. I fell for it. I feel so stupid now…

About pics & being dumped by Demarest –


(NB not that it would have deterred me, but the reality is Demarest doesn’t really have any photos of mine that are that revealing; you’d see more skin on any Australian beach.)

About not tagging him on social media and about going to Florida –


Woman #4

I’ve already written about the next woman, ie. Woman #4 => I Know Another Woman – whose friend contacted me within 24 hours of my social media shares. As she’s requested high confidentiality, I won’t even share any of her transcripts.

According to her, she was dumped in November 2015 after 2.5 years though he continued to chase for nude pics (which she refused) as recently as February 2016. She was one of the most badly affected emotionally from his behaviour.

It was only since the story broke that she started putting the missing pieces together and is now on her way to rebuilding her self-worth.

Woman #6

Woman #6 got in touch with me the same night I heard from Woman #4 –


Rachel & Jackie_Twitter - 1.JPG

About a future together, and pics –


Woman #6 never got to meet up with Demarest despite numerous attempts –


This was the same story told by Woman #3 and Woman #4 – he always found a way to prevent them meeting him in Florida – which made us suspect there was another woman there.

Like Woman #4, Woman #6 constantly questioned Demarest about whether there were other women – and he always denied it. This was one instance –


The breakup, when she found he was about to fly out to meet with a woman in Portland, December 2015 –

Rachel & Jackie_Twitter - 5.JPG

Despite being the one to break it off, Woman #6 could not understand why Demarest did not try harder to explain himself or to make contact (eg. by phone or email). Finding my story online was what gave her some resolution.

This was what she had to say about it (and about the flak I was getting from cyber crybabies saying I should shut up and move on with my life) –

They can’t relate to us. They don’t know the mental manipulation and the mind games he plays. I didn’t lose 55 pounds from diet and working out…. I was mentally tormented. Robb did a number on me mentally. I thought breaking things off was the worst mistake I ever made…. It wasn’t and now I have some relief.

I can’t emphasize enough the hit on the women’s self-worth to be so disposable after long-term relationships with Demarest. It didn’t make sense until after the story broke and they realised it was because he had several women on the go at the same time.

Next up – the rest of the women.