The Super-Exceeding Relationship

My last installment generated predictable complaints from Demarest groupies that went along the lines of – “This is just sour grapes from a bunch of jilted women” and “What’s this got to do with the paranormal? We don’t care about his personal life.”

First of all, female groupies, if you only knew how often Demarest used to mock you women (your looks, your intelligence – as in- the lack thereof, your desperation for his attention) in private, you wouldn’t be so fast to defend him, so stop trying to win brownie points with him. You’re mostly a laughing stock behind the witty crumbs he doles out on his FB page.

Secondly, if you think it’s okay for a man to simultaneously try to impregnate multiple women and promise them a future together that he has no intention of keeping, while actively keeping them hidden from each other, and using compromising photos of them as leverage to keep them silent when they break up, then I’m sorry, you’re just as morally bankrupt as he is.

Thirdly, as one of my FB friends said in response to these idiotic comments – it has EVERYTHING to do with the paranormal – he ACTIVELY seeks out his victims based on their interest in this genre, where he’s seen as the big shot, the celebrity, the respected authority. It’s as clear an abuse of power as it gets.

Onto this, which is just the lead-up to my next post on The Women in Their Own Words – Woman #8.

By the way, the title is based on a quote from Demarest which is what has coloured my view of our relationship over the last four years, even when I didn’t hear from him for long stretches.

He now claims to his followers that we were always just friends or that we broke up back in 2012 but judge the transcripts below for yourself. I really thought we had something special that transcended time and distance, based on his own words.

These two posts will be brutal and if you’re easily offended you need to stop reading now – I don’t need whiners nitpicking about me bringing my baby, Noah, into this.

I knew about Woman #8 BEFORE the story broke, because Demarest told me about her years ago. I’ve mentioned this elsewhere, but Demarest and I broke up for awhile in 2012.

This was how it unfolded –

April 2012 – Demarest called me from Cannes where he was attending a TV production meeting I had lined up for him. In that Skype call, he told me he was completely in love with me, proposed marriage, and said he wanted to adopt my then-unborn, disabled baby and raise him as his own.

Based on his conversation with the head of the production company in Cannes, he “knew” I was on the verge of getting my own cooking show, and he wanted every man who watched me on television to know that I was Robb Demarest’s wife. (See what I mean about things ramping up when he sees potential rivalry?)

I’ve always taken pride in my stoicism. Every pre-natal visit at the hospital had brought worse news about my baby’s prospects. I was pressured to terminate, and I was asked multiple times how my husband felt about the prognosis, at which point I would have to tell the doctors yet again that my marriage had broken up even before I found out I was pregnant.

I wrote Demarest a long email and told him that I was due for another prenatal visit soon and for the first time when the doctors asked about the baby’s “father” I’d be able to hold my head high and tell them everything was good and the baby would be loved. I picked the name “Noah” in part because I thought it went well with “Demarest”.

In reply, now back in the “harsh reality of Saudi Arabia” where he’s based, he retracted his proposal. He didn’t want to break up with me, but he thought we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves.

I started to hear less and less from him. He would claim he was tired and not in the mood to chat. He got angry when I prodded him.

The following photo was from a shoot at the end of April. The photographer happened to be from New York, and trying to remain optimistic about our relationship, I remember telling him my boyfriend, too, was originally from New York.

Noah would be born exactly 3 weeks after this photo was taken. I didn’t know it at the time but Noah would spend the next 7 months in hospital, most of that in the ICU.

He would come close to death at least 3 times.

This photo ended up being blown up and hung up in my restaurant dining room. It was my stand-in for the many months I would be largely gone from my business. In my absence my restaurant started to get some negative feedback. I ended up closing it shortly after Noah came home.


In the immediate days leading up to Noah’s birth, I heard less and less from Demarest. I knew he was preparing for a trip to Florida so I cut him some slack but after repeated spells of silence from him, I’d had enough.

This was the breakup; I sent it while I was in the hospital where I had been called in as a matter of urgency. It happened on, I believe, 13 May 2012 (everything was in panic mode during those last days so I can’t remember if I spent one or two days of monitoring in hospital).

[8:52:52 AM] Jackie M: You can’t even msg to check in on me a day and a half after I specifically asked you to?
[8:58:24 AM] Jackie M: For the record I got a call from my obstetrician overnight to come into the hospital this morning because she’s very concerned about the latest ultrasound report and that’s had me up all night with worry.
[8:59:59 AM] Jackie M: I’ve no idea if you’ve even left for Florida but have a good trip; I’m done with you, you selfish f*ck.

Noah would be born via emergency caesarean the next day. He registered an initial Apgar score of 3, which meant he needed immediate lifesaving measures. I didn’t get to see his face before he was wheeled into the ICU where he would spend the next few months of his life.


And I wouldn’t get to see his face for weeks after his birth because of the tubes and tapes on him. I couldn’t find anyone to drive me, so, against doctors’ orders (because of the caesarean) I would drive myself to the hospital every day to be with him in the ICU.

For 217 days until one week before Christmas 2012, books and a laptop kept me company by Noah’s crib.

I knew before he was born that Noah would need lifesaving bowel surgery and heart surgery. Nobody knew or prepared me for hydrops fetalis – an abnormal build-up of fluids in a newborn that kills 9 out of ten babies who are afflicted.

I found out the day he was born.

3 times over the course of the next few weeks and months, I would be called into the hospital in the middle of the night to prepare for his death.

A month into his hydrops, one of the supervising doctors corrected this statistic – it was 9 out of ten for otherwise “normal” babies; but it was in fact not survivable for babies with Down Syndrome and not survivable past 30 days.

10 days after his birth, this Skype message came in –

[24/05/2012 7:34:53 PM] Robb Demarest: I just got this message as I had my other laptop with me. For what it’s worth, I’m sorry.
[24/05/2012 7:35:44 PM] Jackie M: It’s ok.
[24/05/2012 7:36:11 PM] Robb Demarest: No. It’s not, but I am sorry none the less.
[24/05/2012 7:39:29 PM] Jackie M: That’s fine. I had a meltdown when they told me he was dying and I had to make a choice to either let him die or to try and save him.
[24/05/2012 7:39:48 PM] Robb Demarest: I know. I read your blog

Any doubt about our relationship status was extinguished when he started inserting sexual talk into our Skype calls when I got home from the hospital every night. He’d stopped saying the “L” word but I didn’t want to push the point because my priorities had changed to Noah’s survival, and also I was mindful about his “need to take things slow” after the withdrawn marriage proposal.


baby dying 1.png

At the end of July I found out he was “talking” to another woman. He claimed then that he and I had been just “flirting friends”; did I forget that we broke up back in May, he asked, and yes, he did talk to “other people”. He apologized for the confusion and I told him I never wanted him to use any sexual talk with me ever again.

Over the following few weeks he started it all back up. Nope, it was all over with whoever he had been “talking” to, and he was back in Camp Jackie M.

Then it finally came out. Over the course of 2 days – 2-3 December 2012 – he told me he had in fact dated not one, but 2 women, after we broke up. One was a woman involved in Real Fear, a one-episode special he did some production work on. The other was Woman #8 – and she’s famous – so I’ve known about her all these years. This was what Demarest told me about them –

Part transcript from audio conversations 2-3 December 2012 –

Robb Demarest – Excuse me, you are my Baby! You are my f*cking Baby!

Woman #2 – Well, then don’t hook up with other people!

Robb Demarest – I didn’t hook up with anyone. I didn’t sleep with anyone.

Robb Demarest – You mean sexually? No, I didn’t have sex with anyone. So, say you’re sorry.

Woman #2 – Well, you’d better not have. You said you DATED two women.

Robb Demarest – I didn’t put my penis in them.

Woman #2 – Well, you’d better not do it again!

Robb Demarest – Nyok, do you love me?

Woman #2 – Why?

Robb Demarest – Do you love me?

Woman #2 – What’s that got to do with anything?

Robb Demarest – Answer the question

Woman #2 – Do YOU love me?

Robb Demarest – Of course I do. I think the absolute world of you. Do you love me?

Woman #2 – Fine I love you

Robb Demarest – Then stop being a little bumpyhead

Woman #2 – You’re a bumpyhead

Robb Demarest – So, what, you’re really getting offended that I dated people even though I didn’t sleep with them?

Woman #2 – Yeah, kinda

Robb Demarest – Well, maybe I was trying to get over the fact that you dumped me

Robb Demarest – Both were very short-lived and I didn’t think it was that big a deal. You broke up with me, you broke my heart…

Woman #2 – Apologize!

Robb Demarest – For what?!

Woman #2 – I told you already. I broke up with you, two weeks later you contacted me, apologized, made out like we’re still a couple…

(Some back and forths that started with Demarest denying having led me on, then =>)

Robb Demarest – Well, you’re my Baby

Woman #2 – What’s that got to do with anything?

Robb Demarest – Exactly. Our relationship super-exceeds everything else.

Woman #2 – Doesn’t mean you can go off and fool around with other people and then assume I’ll be here to show you my boobs every time you feel like jerking off

Robb Demarest – Sweetie, please don’t speak like that. I like to think of you as very elegant and highbrow, and when you say “show you my boobs every time you feel like jerking off” – that’s not highbrow

Woman #2 – Well, that’s essentially what happened

Robb Demarest – Well okay, that’s because you’ve got a f*cking amazing body. Have you seen your ass?

Robb Demarest – I made ONE mistake.

Woman #2 – One mistake.

Robb Demarest – Yes ONE mistake.

Woman #2 – What’s that?

Robb Demarest – I got drunk and I got ahead of myself in our relationship then I felt really guilty about that, and I could never recover from that and apparently you broke up with me. So, I’m sorry. Everything was going well until then.

Robb Demarest – Baby? Don’t be mad at me. Don’t be upset with me, I love you.

For the next four years, I blamed myself for Demarest having dated other women while Noah was in the hospital. After all, like he said, I was the one who dumped him, those relationships were very short-lived, and he never slept with those women.

So how would this sequence of events correspond with what Woman #8 would tell me years later?


The Women In Their Own Words – 2

This was originally meant to be a 2-part series but I’ve decided to split it into more segments since it’s in dire danger of running into multiple thousands of words.

In this installment covering Woman #1, I finally met someone who dated Demarest before me and learned about his Ghost Hunters International liaisons.

This is what the women claim –

Woman #1

For over a year, Demarest encouraged Woman #3 and Woman #6 to make plans to be with him in Florida, and yet he kept thwarting them at the last minute. This led me to suspect there was a woman he was hiding in his home state. Two of the women had been doing their own sleuthing even before my story broke, and they gave me a name to contact. I sent her a message and waited.

One day later, she replied –


Her response indicated she, too, had read my story . I found out Woman #1 dated Demarest on and off from 2008, and they officially broke up in 2014, when she met someone she really liked. That wasn’t enough to deter Demarest and he kept pressuring her to get married.

In fact, in my conversations with all the women, it was clear that Demarest tended to ramp things up when he had rivals.

A single mom of 2, Woman #1 had been going through a marriage breakup when they met.

I remembered in the early days Demarest used to talk about being betrayed by an ex-girlfriend in Florida. A harlot who broke his heart, took his money, lied, and cheated on him. These stories had softened me up to his advances.

These are just some of the transcripts about this Florida girlfriend from my chats with Demarest back on Jan 3, 2012 (before we started dating) –

Jan 3, 2012  –  Edit  

Robb Demarest – 

Very cool about the expansion plans. I hear you about wanting to drop all and travel. The latest information that my ex had a boyfriend at the same time I was paying all her bills is bothering me more than it should. I need a bit of a break! =0


Robb Demarest  –  I still think my overall tally of money spent would be much higher. She didnt have a job for 2 years and I paid every bill, gifts, trips, etc. Which wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadnt found out the last guy she was cheating on with me is a 50 year old tatted up movie extra toy salesman. I’m so proud =(

Once I compared notes with Woman #1, it emerged that this “Florida girlfriend” in Robb’s stories could not be her (she did date a big guy with tattoos but Demarest never paid her bills). It would appear this Florida harlot was either fictional or very possibly a composite of more than one woman. She confirmed she dated other men but this was her account –


This was the same experience I had – in fact he had disappeared for months, not weeks, when I heard from him again in January this year.

Like Woman #1, Woman #5 similarly moved on to other relationships when he went quiet, and he would get angry when he re-established contact and found out he was no longer the centre of her universe.

Evidently Demarest expected each of his girlfriends to wait around faithfully for him in his absence, while he freely cavorted with multiple other women. And then used their “cheating” to concoct stories about his victimhood to other prospective prey.

I found out too, that he had used the same lines on her that he had spoken to me –

Jackie M Tang – …when he and I started he gave a confession about his “bad” past and said he was hoping I would be his redemption.
Apparently it’s all BS.

Woman #1 – Lol. I heard that

Woman #1 told me their relationship got most serious just before he came to Australia.

This meant that in the 6 months from the filming of Seekers in Malaysia to Haunting Australia, he had become emboldened and started or renewed multiple relationships – with Women #1, #3, #4, #5 and #8. Not counting yours truly, ie. #2.

Since this all came out, I’ve often wondered whether by getting him those two TV gigs, I unwittingly became his enabler; the celebrity boost empowered him to prey on multiple women.


Robb Demarest (and Jackie M) in Seekers Season 9 – the #1 ranked show on Malaysia’s NTV7

His career trajectory was in freefall when we first started talking, and he had been humiliated from not just getting fired from GHI but by Syfy’s threat of legal action for his drunken rants on Twitter about his former cast members.

He used to mope about the lack of momentum with his attempts at a TV comeback, and I would try to keep his morale up, before I finally started pitching shows for him. This from January 2012 –

Robb Demarest – Oh, and no word today. All remains quiet on the TV front. I did talk to people about doing a self-funded documentary but not much came of it besides a lot of talk….

Jackie M – There’s still a few days left in the week so don’t give up hope on the TV thing yet; I know I haven’t.

As with the other women, Demarest seemed hell bent on having a baby with Woman #1 –

Woman #1 – We were suppose (sp) to get married and have babies

Jackie M Tang – When did he propose?

Woman #1 – February 2016. Again and Again.

I was supposed to be the one that he finally came out into public with…….lol

Jackie M Tang – So when he came back to Florida (in Oct 2015) he was trying to get back with you and proposing to you?

Woman #1 – I was like……no thanks. Yes he was
All I know is he was in a major rush to get married

Jackie M Tang – Very strange.

And then, this startling revelation –

Woman #1 – He said that a medium had told him that he needed to marry his true love right away, and that I was her
No thanks
Today at 10:35am · Sent from Messenger

Robb Demarest has always positioned himself as a scientific, rational, skeptical investigator of the paranormal. When he was with me, he regularly mocked psychics including his co-stars behind their backs.

I would find out later that he used this same “prophecy” on more than one woman; not only that, but it tied in with his desperate rush to impregnate them.

I asked her when they finally stopped talking, and this was what she revealed –


February 24th in Sydney would have been the evening of the 23rd in Florida; I guess once we broke up, he felt the need to fill the vacancy immediately.

Apparently Demarest kept trying to call her, and her boyfriend found out-

Woman #1 – My boyfriend called him (on February 24) to confront him about why he was calling me. My boyfriend was disgusted how he threw me under the bus. Real men don’t air other’s dirty laundry to other men.

That’s how we both knew, Robb was a real scumbag
He told my boyfriend that he had nude pictures of me….
I was uncomfortable sending those pictures, but he was so pushy

….And demanding

And then, this –

Woman #1 – Broken record
Hesbeen (sp) like this forever

He slept with 3 ghi people

I had known of one Ghost Hunters International co-star that he dated, and always suspected another, which he never admitted to. I wasn’t aware of any relationship with a third. Woman #1 told me I needed to speak with this third GHI cast member who’s also based in Florida.

I remember Robb telling me how hurt he was when he found out while in Saudi Arabia, that his (composite) Florida girlfriend was pregnant with someone else’s baby, and that he had sent her an email to congratulate her nonetheless. Based on this GHI co-star’s FB profile it could have been her that he was talking about.

I sent her a message, which FB shows she received, but I never got a reply. A source told me recently that she’s scheduled to do an event with Demarest a few weeks from now.

I came away from my chat with Woman #1 with the conclusion that not all his girlfriends were equal in his mind, and that she seemed to have received special attention from him compared to some of the others.

Next up…the celebrity girlfriend who says he stalked and threatened her when things went wrong – 

(Snippets of her account below)  –


Mia & Jackie_Twitter 2.JPG