World Boxing Champion Delivers Knockout Punch to Ghost Hunter’s Denials

Who is Woman #8 in the Robb Demarest scandal?


Why Are You Doing this to Robb Demarest?

This is Woman #7  In Her Own Words It was 31 March, 2016 Sydney time, two days after my first post on the Demarest scandal, and three days after the story broke in New Idea magazine.   Halfway around the world in Portland, Oregon, a woman woke up to messages from her friends about a…

Robb Demarest and the Playboy Covergirl

She’s a famous celebrity and former Playboy covergirl –  the ultimate trophy girlfriend. This is Woman #8 in her own words. I love how she is so dismissive of Demarest; for instance, despite being once engaged to him, she spelled his name “Rob”, which I know is one of his biggest pet peeves. Also, after…