World Boxing Champion Delivers Knockout Punch to Ghost Hunter’s Denials

Back when we first met, Demarest “confessed” to me about his promiscuous past, while promising he was a changed man. I asked him at the time why there were no scandalous stories about him online.

He said that was because he used to date women who were in the public eye. His theory – it was in their interest to keep their reputations scandal-free.

I guess he’s since learned that his theory failed when it came to me.

I think it’s important as a public figure to make a stand and speak out about this predator.

Robb Demarest has denied my accusations and called me a liar; he tells his loyal followers that he never dated 2 women at the same time. Until now, all you had was his word against mine and that of 7 anonymous women.


I’ve been privileged to connect with Robb’s girlfriends – courageous, resilient, beautiful, strong women – who have generously told me their own stories and provided a mountain of evidence in the form of timelines, chat transcripts, voice messages, photos etc. to support my claims.

It would be easier for them to forget everything and move on with rebuilding their lives. Reading some of my posts re-opens raw wounds, yet they continue to encourage me and help in whatever way they can.

These women, most of whom are private citizens, are not in a position to go public for a variety of reasons – career, family, reputation – not to mention being the target of unsympathetic victim blamers and Demarest groupies.

I reached out to some of Demarest’s past co-stars who were rumoured to have been involved with him. None of them stepped up and some even continue to collaborate with him by signing up with his newly-formed agency, Raven’s Entertainment. I guess he was right to rely on their silence.

Now, Robb Demarest is going to find out that his theory about public figures has failed for a second time.

Meet Mia St John, 5-time World and International Boxing Champion and Playboy Covergirl – aka Woman #8


Since we connected, I’ve gotten to know Mia as an incredible inspiration; her story is a profile in courage both in her professional and personal life.

She is a passionate advocate for mental health awareness through her foundation – http://www.miastjohnfoundation.org/ – and I am so proud (not to mention relieved) that she has chosen to step up and, in effect, confirm her side of the story about which I’ve written at length in previous posts.

On behalf of all the women, thank you Mia, for coming forward to deliver the knockout punch to Demarest’s lies.



Why Are You Doing this to Robb Demarest?

This is Woman #7  In Her Own Words

It was 31 March, 2016 Sydney time, two days after my first post on the Demarest scandal, and three days after the story broke in New Idea magazine.  

New Idea Magazine
Story in New Idea Magazine on Monday 28 March 2016. I particularly like the silhouette of the rat on the left.

Halfway around the world in Portland, Oregon, a woman woke up to messages from her friends about a story they’d read online concerning her boyfriend.

In fact, I would find out later that he had previously warned her about this “crazy Australian chick who was going to spread rumours about him because she was upset he wouldn’t go to Vietnam with her”.

This coincided with his discovery on March 9 that I had found out about his cheating. He had tried to contact me back then but I’d ignored all his calls and messages.

Demarest knew me well enough to know I was going to take action. And I knew Demarest well enough to know he would stalk me online to get a sense of what I would do, so despite having blocked each other on social media, I made a point of continuing with my usual, innocuous, shares while I put together my plan of action.

It had been an intense 48 hours – I was sharing the New Idea story everywhere and churning out blog posts while fielding media calls, responding to attacks from Demarest’s defenders and talking to the women who started coming forward.

These women in turn were supplying me with names of other potential victims that they thought I needed to track down. Profiles they had largely (though not all) collated from their observations of past, flirty interactions with Demarest on his social media pages.

Some of the leads turned out to be hostile, and I had some unpleasant exchanges that made me leery of reaching out to others. Woman #7 was on the list and the fact there was a very recent photo of them together made me think she was probably going to be staunchly in Camp Demarest.

I wasn’t looking forward to making contact.

As it turned out, I didn’t have to.

Late at night on 31 March Sydney time, I received a number of messages from The Daily Mail. I called them back and gave them a 45-minute interview, then headed to bed. During the night, the reporter managed to track down Woman #7 to ask her about her relationship with Demarest.

I woke up to this message the next morning –


Woman #7I’m sorry to bother you but why are you doing this to Robb Demerest I just need to know. Thank you
Apr 1 · Sent from Messenger

Woman #7 – Will you please call me? I need closure please. xxx xxxxxx
I need to know the truth. Thank you.. You can call me on messenger as well.
Apr 1 · Sent from Messenger

Jackie M Tang
Hey xxxx, are you on skype? my id is xxxxx
Apr 1

Woman #7 – No I do not.. I just need closure.. I am not ok. I am supposed to be practicing routines for work tomorrow but I’m so upset I haven’t been able to move
Is this all true?
Apr 1

My heart broke. Up to this point, all the women I had spoken to were no longer in a relationship with Demarest. For what it was worth, they’d had time to recover somewhat from their break-ups by the time they found out about his cheating.

Woman #7 was different.

During the course of our conversation Robb was messaging and calling her.  I was trying to convince her not to take his call until she heard all the evidence.

Apart from these texts she also left me some voice messages because she was too upset to write. Listening to her timid, anguished voice was gut wrenching.

(ps. these are direct copy-pastes from our conversation, with bits pulled out for brevity and confidentiality)

Jackie M Tang – Are you still “with him”?
Woman #7 – Yes
He just left a week ago he met my family
Can I ask you a favor woman to woman will you please keep this confidence please I don’t want to break down

Woman #7  – He said he loved to me
Jackie M Tang – He said that to all of us.
Woman #7  – Because we are still together and I still love him

Jackie M Tang – You need to stop.
Woman #7 – Actually not after this
I believe you
I am completely in shock and I feel NOM inside
I’m sorry to bother you
Jackie M Tang – I’m glad you made contact.
When was the last time you spoke?
Woman #7  – An hour ago
Jackie M Tang – Did you talk about this?

Woman #7  – I told him about all these messages he said they were all lies and To ignore them

Jackie M Tang – Well I’m very sorry xxxxx but they’re true. You are #7
When did you start dating him? ……

Woman #7 – I started dating him March 7, 2015
Jackie M Tang – How many times did you meet up?
Woman #7 – He came to see me for the first time in December. Then he came and saw me a week ago he was doing event for us at the xxxxxxx and he stayed with me and extra week to meet my family
Jackie M Tang – Are you single? Any kids?
Woman #7 – Thank you for keeping me anonymous I don’t want anybody to know I don’t want him to know or my family
I am single and I do have kids they are adults

Jackie M Tang – Are you going to keep talking to him?
Woman #7  – I understand that I hope he doesn’t hurt anyone else
Jackie M Tang – Did he talk of a future? I’m guessing he’s got lots of compromising photos like with all the other women.
Woman #7 – After messaging you no I will block him after my talk with you. Yes we talk to our future of moving in together
Jackie M Tang – Were you planning on moving to Florida?
Woman #7 –  We didn’t really talk about a place
He has thousands of pictures of me when I say thousands I am not lying
I feel completely stupid
I just don’t want my family and friends to know I’ve been through a lot in the last two years I don’t want to put my family and friends through it

Woman #7 – We were supposedly in a relationship since March 7 now I know it’s all a lie he just messaged me but I’m not gonna respond like I said I’m gonna block him after our conversation there’s nothing I have left to say to him
I’m just going to tell my friends and family it didn’t work out
Jackie M Tang – What was his last message?

Woman #7 –  A sticker with hearts
Woman #7 – He’s trying to call me now but I’m not answering
Thank you I trust you 100%
Thank you for being strong enough for all of us
Jackie M Tang – Thank you for believing me
Woman #7 – I do. Please keep me posted and I will do the same again I’m going to go block him right now
Bye Jackie
Jackie M Tang – You bet. Bye xxxxxxx

I’ve cut out portions where I gave her specific examples of Demarest’s multiple relationships.

My public silence between when he realised on March 9 that I had made contact with 2 of his past girlfriends, and March 28 when the story was published, had paid off.

Not knowing what I was going to reveal, he had told her to ignore anything by a crazy Aussie woman who wanted more from their friendship and was now spreading lies about being in a relationship with him.

He then changed it to say that he and I broke up a long time ago, back in 2012. Oh, and any allegations of cheating are ancient history and he was now a changed man (sound familiar?). He had never and would never cheat on her.

When the story and my blog posts were published, she confronted him about the very recent dates in my blog post transcripts. He started to slip up, saying (following based on voice messages supplied by Woman #7) –

1) we were joking around when he said that I was his Baby and he owned me etc. In fact, it was a running joke between the two of us, apparently.

2) he couldn’t even remember where he was in February 2016, that he might have been in Saudi (no, he moved back to Florida in 2015)

3) this voice message is revealing in his specificity about not cheating on her with me (as opposed to cheating on her, period) –


Keep in mind she dated him from March 2015-March 2016;

  1. This was his message to Woman #6 in November 2015 (responding directly to HER suspicions he was cheating) –


(The following are gleaned from interviews with the relevant women; transcripts available on request)

2. He broke up with Woman #3 in November 2015, then tried to get back with her a few weeks later.

3. He wanted Woman #4 to book them a hotel room for a tryst in June 2015 and got upset when she refused.

4. He proposed marriage to Woman #1 in February 2016 after he and I were done for good.

5. He tried to get back with Woman #5 in February 2016 after his marriage proposal to Woman #1 was knocked back.

6. And these are snippets of our Vietnam plans made in February 2016 (blocks of his dialogue blacked out because of their sexual nature) –



Notice this next bit where I asked if he’s seeing anyone else since he had disappeared for months before making contact again in January 2016 –


Demarest soundbite the next day after talking about Vietnam – 


I guess in Robb Demarest’s moral universe, this kind of behaviour isn’t “cheating”.

Woman #7 subsequently sent me this message from Demarest. No “I’m sorry, I love you, etc. – just this”,  as she put it. –


Woman #7 has had a rocky time getting back on her feet emotionally. Out of respect and to allow her time to heal, I’ve left some details out from her account of their relationship. As bad as it seems, some of the worst of Demarest’s behaviour remain undisclosed to this day to protect the women.


Robb Demarest and the Playboy Covergirl

She’s a famous celebrity and former Playboy covergirl –  the ultimate trophy girlfriend.

This is Woman #8 in her own words.

I love how she is so dismissive of Demarest; for instance, despite being once engaged to him, she spelled his name “Rob”, which I know is one of his biggest pet peeves.

Also, after multiple references to their first romantic getaway in Greece which he booked and paid for, this was what she had to say  –


And about their engagement –

We got engaged during the trip down south. I wish I could remember when that was, but obviously it wasn’t very memorable! 

Unlike with the other women, their common ground was not an interest in the paranormal, but rather their celebrity – they met at a signing event.

And unlike some of the other women at the time of their break-up, she was glad to be rid of him.

People in her circle who had direct interaction with him recognized that he was a sociopath.

She says she had no idea he was cheating; she broke up with him because of his behaviour.

Until recently all I knew about their relationship was what he told me (https://robbdemarestcheats.com/2016/06/26/the-super-exceeding-relationship/) –

  • He only dated her after I broke up with him on or around May 13, 2012
  • They only dated briefly
  • They never slept together
  • He got into a 9-hour fight with her when she tagged him in a photo on FB

When he came clean to me in Dec 2012, I was mad at him for having dated other women when we’d briefly broken up, especially since my baby was in the ICU at the time.

But I wasn’t jealous of her as such; I thought she was a rebound girlfriend despite her formidable achievements and stunning good looks.

Demarest’s lies about Woman #8 started to unravel when two of the other ex-girlfriends suggested I needed to talk to her.

Evidently Demarest was a lot more obsessed about her than I had realised, and had alternated between bragging about being in a relationship with a Playboy model and dishing the dirt on her.

This was what I was told by one of the other women, which puts paid to his claim he never slept with Woman #8 –



The same person found and sent me a picture of Woman #8 wearing an engagement ring on FB; based on the timeline it would mean he proposed to her within weeks of proposing to me.

Meanwhile, my baby, that he was going to adopt and “raise to be proud that his dad is a TV star”, was fighting for his life in hospital.

Compare the dates of my conversations with him –

My Skype message to him on 13 June 2012 right after being told by the doctors that my baby had taken a turn for the worse and wasn’t going to make it –

baby dying 2.png

I never knew he went to Turkey; even with the passage of time, he never divulged that he travelled there, let alone that he sneaked off to hook up with Woman #8.

So while he was commiserating with me about my baby’s impending death, he was commenting on her FB wall where she’d posted a picture of him –


<ps. For everyone who keeps asking why Demarest doesn’t smile in photos – it’s because of his bad teeth. Now you can stop wondering.>

My FB post on June 17, 2012. Knowing that I was alone and rarely had visitors in the ICU, doctors had urged me to find someone to come and be with me because Noah was going to die.


Second open heart surgery (I warned you this was going to be confronting; give it a rest if you think it’s tasteless to share. Demarest needs to be shown for what kind of person he is.) –


Another turn for the worse –


I contacted Woman #8 and she responded  –

OMG, I’m sick to my stomach…

<re: finding out about his cheating>

She went on to confirm they were together from 2012-2013.

I wanted to compare timelines. This was what she said –

We went to Greece <actually Turkey> June 2012. Then we went somewhere in the south, but forget when exactly.

We were talking daily before that. So I’m guessing it was around Feb/March.

So, he was talking to her daily from Feb/March, while he and I were in the thick of our relationship. This was the kind of message he was sending me during that time (this one from April 2012). Pretty convincing, right? –


I broke up with Demarest on or around May 13, 2012. I asked her when their June rendezvous was booked –


While he technically didn’t consummate his relationship with Woman #8 until June, he had already booked tickets for their romantic trip one week BEFORE we broke up, and he’d presumably planned it for weeks before that.

The fact that I broke up with him before he flew out to meet her had nothing to do with his actions. He was always going to cheat on me with her.

Same day he booked their flights, this was part of our (fairly unremarkable) chat transcript –6may.png

Woman #8 –  

By Oct 2012...I was over it…

Despite his obsession with Woman #8, he was displaying jealousy and paranoia towards me at the same time.

This was an email back-and-forth from Demarest freaking out in October 2012 after he saw that a TV producer had suggested he and I caught up for drinks to discuss a TV project. The fact that I was pitching the project for Robb probably helped rein him in a bit.

Robb Demarest – Go out for a drink? WTH……?

15:31 (5 hours ago)

Jackie M – Casual meeting, I guess

16:34 (4 hours ago)

Robb Demarest – Dont show him your boobs!

16:42 (4 hours ago)

Jackie M – You don’t think I should? <I am joking here, for those who don’t know me>

16:43 (4 hours ago)

Robb Demarest – NYOK!!!!!!!!!! Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2012 8:43 AM Subject: Re: Uhhhh

16:47 (4 hours ago)

Jackie M – ROBB!!!!!!!!

16:47 (4 hours ago)

Robb Demarest – HAKKA!!!!! Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2012 8:47 AM Subject: Re: Uhhhh

17:05 (4 hours ago)

Jackie M – That’s me!

17:07 (4 hours ago)

Robb Demarest –  Well dont be bad Hakka!

October 2012 – 5 months in ICU and counting.


And this audio was Demarest to me in December 2012, supposedly after their brief, non-sexual relationship –


According to Woman #8, despite breaking it off with him in late 2012, he worked himself back into her life and they didn’t finally break up until early July 2013, when she told him to never contact her again.

By that stage, he had already collected a string of other women while maintaining relationships with both Woman #8 and myself.

Apparently Demarest has tried to contact her, the last time being about 4-5 months before our chat. She continues to ignore him.