The Violence

“I’m 6’4” 250 pounds with two earned black belts. There is the potential for me to hurt people very badly.” – Robb Demarest, 2012

Photo by Jackie M, 2013

I’ve lost track of the number of people who have contacted me privately since the story broke. They tell me of their own encounters with Demarest. Most of them don’t make it into these pages because they’re anecdotal and I’m pedantic.

Some information came through to me in the last 24 hours that’s so shocking I had to corroborate and then share. The informant is highly confidential so I’ve had to leave out most of what I’ve been told, to protect their identity.

Demarest knows how to put on a good show. He’s charming and charismatic and funny and self-deprecating in public. His fans adore him. They don’t see the other side of his character. If you got hurt by him, you must have asked for it or you’re lying.

There is a lot of online speculation about “why Robb Demarest is no longer on Ghost Hunters International”. The internet has been generous to suggest he left due to his strong, principled stand against some creative decisions in the show. This, I’m sorry, is wishful thinking. He got fired. He told me.

This is one of the stories he relayed back in 2012 about a drunken incident while they were filming on location. It involves allegations he assaulted a female cast member, Brandy. These are his own words –


The following is direct copy-paste from the rest of the conversation with parts redacted for confidentiality, brevity and relevance –

[3:54:15 PM] Robb Demarest: Its just scary. Im 6,4 250 pds with two earned black belts. There is the potential for me to hurt people very badly….

[3:56:00 PM] Jackie M: You need to be able to move on from it. I gather you were very apologetic to her…

[3:58:51 PM] Robb Demarest: I ws overly apologetic, but in reality, I dont remember it all. Its frightening…It makes me wonder what the heck is repressed in me that could cause a lot of damage.

[3:59:59 PM] Jackie M: It hasn’t changed my perception of you. You’re still my honey.

[4:00:50 PM] Robb Demarest : Thank you. But it still scares me. You have to understand,it is very hard to stop someone my size once I gain momentum.

[4:03:55 PM] Robb Demarest: The Incredible Huk comparrison is reasonable. There is that part of me that is lurking, and once it’s out, it’s very hard to stop.

[4:07:36 PM] Robb Demarest: My mick family has a serious history of alcohlism.

[4:07:55 PM] Jackie M: Your mick family?

[4:08:04 PM] Robb Demarest: Irish

[4:08:13 PM] Jackie M: Oh ok.

[4:08:27 PM] Jackie M: Do you have a problem w alcohol?

[4:08:58 PM] Robb Demarest: When I abuse it.

This behaviour is backed up by someone from Ghost Hunters International who wrote me in relation to Demarest’s behaviour on-set –

“People felt fearful of what may happen day to day. No one should have to be scared of coming to work or fearful for their safety at work.”

The following audio clips were messages left by Demarest after an incident with Woman #7. An Italian paranormal associate had contacted her and requested an interview with Demarest. In his message, he had made the mistake of complimenting her on her looks. She made the mistake of forwarding the message to Demarest wholesale. 

I’m sharing the clips in reverse order so you get to first hear what ensued as framed by Demarest –


And this is the recording that Demarest sent to Woman #7 which he claimed was the message he left the Italian guy.



The person in this story won’t come forward for fear of reprisal. This is what she said –

  • She was terrified because he displayed signs of violence – she said it seemed like he was trying to strangle her
  • She had bruises in specific areas of her body that lasted days after the incident


I relayed the informant’s story to Woman #7 last night –

Woman #7 – Omg!!! I feel so sorry for her… he is rough!! I believe her and I understand why she is scared.. He is a bully …we had went to the coast he got mad at me and told me to shut the fuck up.. When I started to cry he made  fun of me crying.. Then after he got really drunk he said he was sorry… When we had sex he was really rough when I told him to stop he wouldn’t it’s like he didn’t care I see that now.. Omg Jackie.. We dodged a bullet that we are not with him anymore.. I too am still traumatized as you are too I still see a psychiatrist once a week…

Here are some other points she relayed to me (transcripts available on request) – 

  • Immediately after the incident she was in shock and just wanted to go home
  • Feelings of self-blame and guilt (thinking she was stupid to put herself in that situation ie. being alone with him) 
  • Cutting herself so she could break through the numbness
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Nightmares 
  • He wouldn’t take NO for an answer.
  • He forced himself on her.
  • She is still traumatised to this day.
  • She was in a committed relationship when this happened.
  • She has kids.