Robb Demarest’s Accuser In Her Own Words

A woman who came forward, who has agreed to let me share her story.

This was how it started.

I received a rapid-fire succession of private messages from a stranger after one of my social media shares about Robb. Not unusual in itself, considering how many people have contacted me over the months since I started this website.

These were the messages (my responses removed) –

People need to know wot an absolute horrible, mental, disgusting creature robb demarest is!!!

I hope he gets wot Is coming to him!!!

I’ve encountered him x horrible person x

I wish I could tell u more, but I can’t take any risk xx

I can’t say tho what happened to me to hate that man but I can point u in directions x

I promise u I’m not lying

Please please keep this confidential x

I thought initially that she was another ex-girlfriend, but she rejected that outright and said they were never in a relationship. She was very guarded with her information; she would only say that the police were called. That got my attention.

It took several days of back-and-forths to get the full story out of her. It was mentally gruelling because of my familiarity with the accused.

I’ve largely removed my own dialogue (with minor exceptions) and changed the order of some of the conversation to produce a linear retelling of the alleged assault (a lot of the information came in small, disjointed bites, especially at the beginning).

Naturally, I deleted all references that would expose her identity and that of others in the story.

She said she had been tasked with picking up Robb Demarest for a couple of hours’ sightseeing during one of his “celebrity ghost tours”.

I’ve grouped together some of the messages to show her state of mind.

This is the accuser – a single mom in a loving, supportive relationship at the time of the encounter – in her own words –

What she thought about Robb Demarest –

I don’t know much about robb at all

I don’t know who or what he is like.

I never dated him or ever wanted to

This man destroyed my life!

He is a sick twisted dangerous man x women need to be warned about him!!!

He is a sick, violent disgusting man xx

Her background –

I was just happy being a woman of 36 enjoying going back to school, met an amazing man and then he (Robb) fucked it all up for me


Her account of what happened –

I was meeting him at the holiday Inn to take him round the sites

I had met him a few times while doing investigations

I was their to take him around the scenery

He said to me come up and knock the hotel door

I’m so fucking stupid!!!!!

If I didn’t go to his hotel room! I’m so stupid and trusting😭😭

He still scares me

But other women need to know x

His hands went everywhere

When they went down the front of my trousers I remember saying no and he just went on saying it is just a vagina!

No means no in my eyes

He could see the tears running down my face

When did you start crying? – Jackie M

After I told him no

I wasn’t dressed slutty. I was in a pair of jeans and a black top which went to my neck nearly

He bruised me and took any dignity I had x

He twisted my nipples right round so I had to lie down again x




I get this alot still

He tried to sort of strangle me during

Then realised

He wouldn’t let me leave till 6.30

Told me he wanted snuggles

And wanted me to tell him I loved him

The tears were trip me

I think it was roughly 2 2half hours


I couldn’t even Google his name

But now I can x it’s hard to see his face but I will get there in time x

When I look at him, it just reminds me of the rage in his face

When he twisted my nipple I could see (the rage)

When he told me to lie down again

Massive bruise

It was like he knew wot he was doing

He keep saying to me ” tell me you love me” I was like no I don’t I love my boyfriend Please let me go

He liked to have his penis sacked while he watched

God it was awful!

So many people didn’t believe me

I actually doubted myself for a long time x

He tried to do anal with me!!!


I keep getting flashbacks

I’ve just never been able to talk about it

I promise u he did this to me and he is a complete monster

He nearly ruined my life for my children

If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be here x

He didn’t even use a condom or anything

I feared for wot he might do

He is strong

It has taken to now to come through this

Even as we speak it really hurts

I just wanted to go hom(e)

I just wanted away

He left bruises on my nipples, breast top of thighs

I showed the police

Good days x bad days x u have helped me cope better

(About her supportive partner)
Oh yes xxx he took me to police x

Did Robb get arrested? – Jackie M

Nope x He was moving from saudi at time to florida maybe Took them at least 6months (to complete the investigation)

Did the police contact him? – Jackie M


I showed the police

They wanted to do an internal and swabs but I couldn’t!

I just wanted out of there

Last thing I wanted was someone touching me

I want him exposed I want people to read about what sick things he does

I have the letter from the public prosecution office…

Yes their was rape crisis out with me as well to take notes x

I had to get sti tests done

I’ve never spoke to anyone since the day it happened properly apart from police


Her current mindset –

I haven’t been sleeping great

Yea xx i just worry xx

I will be OK x

I still have the odd nightmare x

I even think u think I’m lying

I swear I’m not x

I wouldn’t ever lie about that


R u ok????

I’m really panicking now

Maybe I shouldn’t have told you x

I’m sorry I’m a very honest person x

It took me a full year to get over my trauma x I was cutting myself just so I could feel something x

U have made me feel so much better knowing that he is a crazy man!

I cried knowing that other women have been on his wicked side x but happy I wasn’t on my own x

If I didn’t have children to protect I wouldn’t care if the world knew wot he did to myself and other women !

I really hope someone stands up and gets this out there!!!

That’s wot I worry about to x

I want to see him suffer

Put him in with all the rapists in jail!

I’m so glad the first post is about him and his horrible attitude on Google x

If I had of knew wot sort of man he was, I would never have ever been in that situation

This man needs to be stopped x

It would be amazing if people eould come forward

I will never ever let a man do that to me again.

I want women to know, never ever be alone with this thing x I wouldn’t be surprised if their is a lot more women x

I just worry about everyone x

I just don’t want to go backwards again

I didn’t like the darkness

I really wish other women would come forward