I am Annaliesje (Part 3) – Robb, Your Wife Called

(Annaliesje’s story in her own words, continues – )

I ended up seeing a psychic medium who was also a good friend of mine at the time.  My friends went with me; it was more like an intervention than a reading…they were all worried about this relationship and also my mental health and physical health.

I was working full time, tunnel tours, managing making my boyfriend happy and training to be a fitness instructor.  I ended up losing one of my really good friends that night because she said that she could not take this anymore with Robb…We were friends for about 8 years.  

I ignored all their advice even though I knew deep down they were right…I wanted and loved my boyfriend, I knew I could change him for the better. My health started to deteriorate, regardless I still kept on…

Robb informed me that he had an event and that we would not be able to talk, which I was used to…sometimes he would go away missing for periods of time…


…the longest was when he moved back to Florida from Saudi.  


I was not only stressed with my relationship with Robb, still suffering from scars from the human trafficking fiasco and constant mean texts and bullying on social media about being a slut, a liar and an attention getter (I still do to this very day), but that week that Robb was at an event, I was to take my fitness certification and also audition that Friday…

Friday came, and I got it…I passed my certification and landed the job of being a fitness instructor at a gym…I was so happy…I took a selfie in the mirror at the gym where I got hired…I was sooooooooooo  happy…I texted my boyfriend, Robb , at the time, thinking he would not get it until that Sunday…


I was shocked to get a text quickly back saying he was happy for me…that he loved me and in a few more days…we would be together…

My happiness turned to devastation within 30 minutes from that text.  As I was driving home from the gym, so happy and on cloud 9…I got a strange text from one of the Shanghai Tunnels volunteers that schedules tours and events…she said, I need you to call me now…

I texted her back saying that I was driving…she asked me to pull over and to call her…thinking something horrible happened, I quickly called her…

She said, I want you to know I got a call from Robb’s WIFE…I then chuckled , I actually remember this whole conversation…I said, oh you mean Robb’s EX WIFE…she said, no, his WIFE.  

Once again, my heart sank as it did often in this relationship…She had called looking for Robb and said he needed to come home and help with the kids, that her mother passed away in South Africa.  

She then said to Robb’s wife, I was not aware that Robb was married, she said, yes, they were married but it is probably on its way out.  She told her that indeed Robb did have an event with them but it was not for another week and that her understanding was that he was at another event this weekend.

She did not tell Robb’s wife that in fact that he would be coming early that week to stay with me.   I ended up throwing up and getting sick.  

Robb knew I was Catholic and a Christian and I don’t believe in adultery…I am not judging people out there, I am just saying I don’t want any part of it and Robb told me he was divorced.  

The situation Robb had said is that they had to share a house together otherwise she would be in the street and had nowhere to go and this was best for the kids.  They had separate rooms and if I did not believe him, he would furnish pictures of it and that I could speak to her and she would tell me the same.

I then tried to call Robb over and over…leaving him messages

Then, another shock as Robb’s wife ended up messaging one of my friends in the paranormal and he reached out to me and said what the hell…

But I never got a message from her…just my friends and people from the Shanghai Tunnels.  

That Sunday, Robb called back. I ignored his calls, I was just sick.  

He was mad at me and said that we have nothing if I do not trust him and that she only said wife because if she would have said EX WIFE…no one would help her.  I ended up believing him as did the volunteer I was just speaking of.  

He was good at saving himself…he is a charmer…He can make you even believe the world is a triangle…He is a great story teller…

(to be continued…)


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