Robb Demarest Makes Contact

Since I last posted, I’ve heard from other women, including Robb’s wife (the same woman he claimed back in 2014 that he was officially divorced from, though apparently she never got the memo). Maybe one day I’ll share more; we shall see.

What did come as an unexpected surprise was a friend request back in February this year (2018) from – of all people – Robb Demarest himself. Evidently he’d decided to unblock me after 2 years, and wanted to talk. This was his message –


Robb: Hello Jackie. Do you know who did the stupid fake Robb page? That is so not your m.o. I’d also like to send a letter from N. Ireland to state that I am not being accused of any crime. Obviously, I’d like to see if we can come to a peaceful conclusion. I am in contact with several police agencies in Sydney, but as you seem bored of it, maybe a recorded Skype? Anyway, you know I respect you and would like to shut this down! Talk soon, Robb.

I had a look at Robb’s FB page to see what he was talking about, and it looked like he had been ranting about a fake Robb Demarest profile that someone had set up (with Robb spelled as “Rob” – which tells me this person is a genius troll, since it’s Robb’s biggest pet peeve).

It’s clear from Robb’s message that he is still completely unrepentant and in denial about what he did, with his stupid legalistic parsings about not being currently accused of any crime in Northern Ireland, where the report was filed, and with the not-so-subtle threat about being “in contact with several police agencies in Sydney”.

This is why this website needs to stay up. Too many women are bullied into keeping silent.

Since I started my crusade, apart from being harassed by Robb’s fans, he’s set his lawyer on me, hired a private investigator (who left me a threatening voicemail), and lodged a police report to try and shut me down. None of it has worked.

Women need to see that it’s okay to stand strong in the face of this kind of intimidation. 

If you’re reading this, I might as well tell you now, Robb.

The police, when they came to visit me back when you first filed the report, had already completely cleared me of any crime; they came, in fact, to see if they could help ME to nail YOU on any crime based on the evidence I had.

So if you’re still in contact with them, THANK YOU for keeping your story alive in their minds; it saves me the trouble of having to remind them myself. Love, your favourite Aussie xx

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