A Quick Update

I’m momentarily skipping a couple of chapters in this ongoing saga, but I thought I should post an update for those who are wondering what’s going on.

Robb Demarest and I have resumed contact; we’ve been talking daily for the last few weeks. He initiated it, not me. We’re trying to work through our differences. I can appreciate that many will think it’s insanity on my part, but please don’t think I’m being naive.

He promises he’s no longer even flirting with any other woman, so do me a favour and get in touch with me if you have evidence that that’s not the case and I’ll pull the plug on this new experiment without hesitation.

Thanks for your ongoing interest in this story; this is to give you a heads-up while I work on what could be my most controversial post yet.

Photo by Andris Romanovskis on Unsplash