Positive Feedback


When I decided to come forward to warn other women about Robb Demarest, I expected, and received some backlash. That’s okay, I can deal with it; critics can nitpick about my methodologies or whatever, but ultimately I know I’m doing the right thing.

Yet, for every negative comment I’ve come across, I’ve received many more, both public and private, that support and validate my actions.

These are just some of them.

You’re coping flack on this. People are idiots. They’ll defend the corrupted, for no logical reason at all. Even when all evidence points to the truth of their corrupted behaviour. – Kamal

Courage makes all the difference . “A tamed woman will never leave her mark in the world.” Bravo. Love you. – Hema

Keeping it classy Jackie M Tang. Not that I’m surprised about that – keep your chin up and ignore the haters! – Michael

I wonder how many more women are out there. Kudos to you Jackie M Tang, and also to the other women! You are a very courages woman. It takes hell of a lot to do what you have done. I applaud you! Malaysia supports you, anak Nogori! – Nirmala

Nothing like being ratted out. I think often shame, fear, feeling blamed etc all conspire to silence victims; all the while allowing the perpetrator/s to walk away and perhaps harm others. Good on you for speaking up, Jackie M Tang. Celebrity or not, the man is disgusting. – Elle

Takes guts to share. You rock! – Sherine

You have done the right thing, Jackie, by exposing him. x – Jennifer

Good on you for exposing him. You are one hell of a warrior! Your son is very lucky to have such a strong mum! – Naomi

Never be afraid to speak out the truth and never have to justify your action. You are a good woman and a damn good mother. People who knows you will always love you. You are not alone my dear. Good for you to have the courage to expose him. Let’s hope no other female will fall for his charm. You did well. Proud of you. – Suzanna

Speaking up takes a lot of courage. I admire you for doing it, Jackie. – Bella

Good on you Jackie for exposing him. – Amruta

It is so strange isn’t it? If Robb was a serial scammer for money then I am sure people would be so thankful and all supportive that you have the courage to oust him, to save others from being conned into losing money. But since it involves feelings and relationships and romance that somehow people don’t see him as a con man anymore? While it is much much more damaging to have your intimacy conned and cheated. Your heart should be more valuable than your wallet, for goodness sake! – Ngoc Nhi

Jackie, you are such a strong woman. My prayers are for you. You did good. May God protect you and Noah! – Sharon

Admire your courage, Jackie. Take care too. – Yet

Take care of you – protect yourself and take breathers. It’s an ugly game but I know you have the strength to be a true contender. And adding – what a f*cking douche! – Mrs. Boogooloo

Good on you for being brave. – June

Great job! Proud of you! – Colleen

You keep writing and going strong. I’m another one of your cheer squad…you are a genuine, loyal and GOOD person. Don’t let anyone tell you how to grieve or heal. – Alizah

Wow Jackie,  I have been reading these articles and I am AMAZED by your bravery. So many things happen and people get away with it that we don’t know about, because those “victims” are so concerned about what others will think of THEM if they say something. Well done you for sticking up for yourself and standing your ground. I applaud you! – Elizabeth

You deserve better. Hope you find what you are looking for. You can’t change the past but could certainly help shaping a brighter future. – Hernan

Good on you for exposing this rat. I can never understand why some men do this and think they can get away with. By coming forward you are protecting future women from this idiot. He has lost my viewing. – Jennifer

I am so sorry that you had to go through such a horrible experience with someone who ended up being a total piece of scum. No one has the right to do something like that to another person. You show great strength in coming forward with your story and you should be proud of yourself. It must not have been easy but it seems that you have inspired other to come forward who have also suffered at the hands of this leach. Know that you may have been alone at first when keeping this secret but that you are not alone anymore. 🙂 – Acadian

Wow, what a thoroughly nasty piece of work… I wonder how some people don’t see this as harmful and unacceptable when u explain it? Many guys I have chatted to online have tried to groom me into sharing naked photos. They never seem to see the problem with their behaviour. This guy’s behaviour is so much worse. But I wonder if he even sees it to be bad ? I would feel so betrayed by this. Even afterward like this. I hope you are ok. Love to you and your beautiful little boy. – Enna

You have facts, screenshots, evidence and corroboration from the other women on your side. I have been thinking about those defending him, and perhaps they are, in part, trying to defend themselves. It must be hard to have believed the lies they were sold and then find out that everything you were saying about him was true. It would certainly cause people to rethink their inbuilt ‘asshole detection systems’. Attacking you will not change the facts, he’s still a liar and a predator. I find his behavior very disturbing. – Kelly

He is such a disgusting man. On a another note, LOL at “I’ve got 1.9 million followers; he’s got 20 thousand. (Thank you and good night.)” – Hahaha. I’ve never even heard of him till this article! He’s such a loser. You go girl. – Neeno

Great job exposing this psychopath! Most women keep it silent because of shame or pride and that they just want to move on with their lives. And leaving creeps like him to continue with their evil, sadistic cheating ways. Great respect for you, Jackie! I feel that you did a great job warning others about men like him. Stay strong, sassy mama! – Cherkeishajairuskeona

Jackie, do stay strong as many people are behind you! – Kheng-Ee

So glad to hear it’s all out there now. There’ll of course be those who say this is woman scorned story but it takes a lot of guts put your private life out in the public. You know you’ve got a lot of supporters out there! All will be well. – Prama

Good on you Jackie… the gates opened… see all his demons flying out of the closets now. Rock on Jackie! – Sarah

Thanks Jackie. Am glad you are standing up for what is right. Things like this are always being tucked away. You are brave to come up to it. Wishing you all d best. I am also from Seremban by the way. – Oretha

Hopefully this brings more women to come forward! – Emma

If someone messed with my life, livelihood, emotional agency, and child, this is the very least of what I would do. People are not going to understand your approach, and telling you to “move on” because that is more comfortable for them. Keep doing what works best for you. – Arthur

Hi Jackie. Sorry to read about your experiences with that disgusting, pathetic organism pretending to be a man. You are one of the most remarkable people I have ever met. You deserve and will get a much better deal from the universe I pray. You have my full support. – John

You are brave. Respect. – Danny

I have been following you for a wee while. My heart breaks for you and your beautiful son. I think it’s bloody awesome you are bringing this creep to light. You are saving countless woman from this asshole. Good on ya. Lots of love & light all the way from New Zealand xoxox – Tara

I hope your pain will heal over time and you will find love again. Proud of you for standing up for what you believe. – Elle

Thank you for standing up and doing the right thing for all those who cannot. It takes great courage to speak out. ♥ – Heather

Good on you to expose this creep. – Laiping

I can tell you from experience Hun that people dont like to face the truth. It is only those of us who have lived this nightmare or nightmares like it that can accept what the truth is and tell the story. Others will hide their heads in the sand. It is like violence in families or even families with drug addicts in them. It’s all about think about the neighbors what will they think. My view is hang what they think, they don’t pay my mortgage so they don’t get a say or have an opportunity to air their opinion. Out them all I say. Well done, Hun. – Bev

You are way above him, Jackie. Very brave of you to tell your story. We are all behind you. – Linda

Chin up, Jackie! You have all our support. Hugest of hugs to you and Noah! – Edwina

Thank you for exposing this detrimental liar in the true capacity of what he is and all he will ever be. My heart goes out to all the women he has used and abused who may carry a stigma of mistrust for many years with the inability to create a distinguished life they have always deserved because of him. Please be assured ladies when I say this at a null religion-based perspective that he will most certainly reap what he has sown in the least. – Mano

I salute you Jackie, you are so so brave! – Maylin

Small-minded people may think and say “So what? He cheated, get over it!”, but they’re missing the bigger picture…

It’s not just about the cheating, disgusting as that is – particularly if he’s having unprotected sex with multiple partners.

It’s about the betrayal, the breach of trust, the fraud.. False promises of a future that was never going to happen. The effect it will have on trusting people in the future.

It’s about the years wasted on lies, when you could have been living something real elsewhere.

For some, it would be about the childbearing years lost – given that he seems to target single mothers, he probably thinks he can justify that because they already have children – he can’t, that’s not his choice to make. Those years can’t be replaced.

It’s about the children. The fact that he involved children in his deception.. I don’t even have the words for that..

It’s probably about a lot of other things too.

Maybe you’ll all get over it eventually, maybe some of you wont. You have all earnt the right to be very annoyed (to put it politely!). If people have a problem with that, it says more about them than it does about you. – Jo

Hi Jackie,
I’m a big fan of your channel, cooking and general life journey “stuff”.
I know you’ve said your work is so entwined with your personal life and I want to say you do it so amazingly well – particularly with what has happened in your life lately. Your step forward to (for lack of a better word) “own” the situation and be in control is so empowering for other women out there who are going through the same thing even if it is not with the same man. It takes so much courage to open up to the world (social media) about wounds, experiences and emotions. You have done it with grace, strength and dignity. Stay amazing. – Michelle

You go ahead and do what must be done Jackie. The truth will prevail. It must. People like him cannot do that and just walk away. There are many others like him but you have proved that we women have a voice and we must be heard when we are mistreated. The trouble is victims sweep these under the carpet for fear of being judged. It mustn’t be that way. And I applaud you for coming out with this. I am sad that you had to endure all that but it’s behind you. And you have stepped up to fight the cause even for other women too. 🏾🏾🏾Take care now x  – Maria

Michelle Chee and Maria Almeida said it so well. You go girl. You know you’ll get a bashing for going public but you still went ahead. This fight is not only for you but for all the “Jackie’s” out there. – Bella

I think that what you’re doing is great Jackie & very brave. Unfortunately I don’t think people like him ever admit to their mistakes and own them, mostly because they don’t have the moral compass or a competent set of values. If he’s the sort of person I think he is from all that I’ve learnt from this, he’s probably having a good laugh & finding all of this very entertaining. But that doesn’t mean that what you’re doing isn’t right. I think making women aware is great, “for every secret you know there’s 10 you don’t” so they say ☺ – Norrisha

This is horrible, thank goodness you know now & can warn others… plan to spread the word as well… Stay strong! – Violante

Men like these destroy lives without even a thought to the people they hurt. There are many like him, and many women who believe their lies. I mean, they’re so convincing! I’m so glad that you spoke out, hopefully people who see this will avoid him, and men like him. If you only help one other woman from what can be a soul destroying experience then it is worth it. I’m glad you’re a strong enough woman not only to stand up to this type of behaviour, but call them out on their actions. Your strength will become the strength of many. – Kathryn

Stay strong Jackie, you are doing an awesome job exposing this sexual monster. – Shane

Good on you for keeping it real, Jackie. – Ronaldo

I’m afraid that there are many, many such a…h..s out there. I’ve encountered some but by the grace of God, I found a good, honest man at last. You will too one day. I’ve been following your food blogs and based on what you’ve described about your adventures and how you’ve been taking care of baby Noah, I believe that you are a good mom and like many moms out there, are doing her absolute best for their children. Be strong. Thanks for sharing the story, painful as it is, as it would hopefully help other women out there who may be falling into the same trap. God bless. PS. I love the way you talked about your “Hakka genes”. LOL. I am a Hakka girl myself, so I totally understand. – Foon

Jackie, keep the faith. It is easy to be duped by a liar because you are honest. Take care of yourself, please. – Mike

I salute you for making that expose on Rob! Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you! I got your back. – Jasemin

He does not deserve you Jackie M. You can do much better. – Cook with Sally

Jackie M, any guy who brushes this off has little respect for women; in addition, I would question their upbringing.  It’s likely their fathers/mother’s boyfriends treated their mothers poorly.  No excuses for them. – Jeff

Wow.. it’s crazy how deep this goes. So much for a person I enjoyed watching and supporting, now it feels like he’s an enemy to an entire community of people that needs to be taken down and whose reputation needs tarnishing big time. – Samantha

Well done, Jackie M, hopefully the other women who come forward with their stories get satisfaction from your courageous efforts. – George

I know how you and the other women must feel. I went through something similar 15 years ago. It’s heartbreaking, scary, sickening and makes you question so much about yourself and your own instincts. – Katherine

We have your back, we love you, that’s what matters & Noah! Stick to the vision you have & graced us with.  🙂 – Daryn

Agreed. We totally got your back. – Kevin

Predators never stop. Well done +Jackie M – Susan

That makes me sick to my stomach. If I ever found out one of my sons was doing that I would administer such a beat down. I hope that others find it as a warning. – Bigscrod wants cake

You have currently saved 7 other women from further heartache, potentially prevented who knows how many more. You’ve done good Jackie 🙂 – Kathryn

I always thought he was kind of shady and this confirms it. What a piece of crap he is. – Gabe

Jackie, you know the Pandora’s Box you’ve opened with this, don’t you? Stay strong, stay remote and be who you are now, not who you were. You go girl!!! – Niall

Hey Jackie! Been following the posts on the ghost hunter. Keep up the good fight, your amazing  I’m a Fellow Malaysian (well halfie), a filmmaker from Melbourne and a fan of you too! – Matthew

Oh my. What a sociopath. Heartless bastard. I know it must be painful for you but this pond scum needs to be stopped before he cause some irrepairable harm. x
– Elle

What you’re doing is really brave Jackie… it’s not easy… it’s a good thing too… other victims have come forward and all women are warned… love and hugs…- Wanitha

Jackie, first New Idea mag and now you’re making me watch Today Tonight too. LOL.. well done you brave woman. – Ling

It takes a very brave soul to come forward and expose these kind of men… and I applaud you Jackie.. well done, hopefully no more broken hearts and families… Love to you & little Noah xxx – Chris

Oh what a bastard ! How can he even keep track of what he said or promised to whom and when ? And seems like he’s using his busy schedule and overseas trips to disguise his unavailability. It’s great that you’re keeping you old messages with him. Were you suspicious enough at the start to keep them? He’s finally meet his match in this Hakka lady. All the best to you. Don’t give up. – Albert

Brave warrior! Well done! – Naomi