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New Idea Magazine Interview on Robb Demarest Scandal

New Idea

My initial blog post at from when the story first broke on 28 March 2016, re-shared here for those who missed it.


Today’s New Idea Magazine has what I think is an important albeit non-food story about me. It is about my relationship with reality TV star Robb Demarest from Ghost Hunters International and Haunting:Australia.

This is NOT a bad breakup story. My marriage to Noah’s dad was a bad breakup and you’ve never heard me divulge the details nor name him in public. This affects other potential victims, which is why I’m coming forward.

I know I share a lot about my personal story but this is sufficiently off on a tangent that I’d much prefer to move the discussion to a different platform.

Please follow me at – I’ve started posting about this topic there. Depending on the response from all concerned I’ll also post any evidence needed to back up my story.

Thank you all.

(In some people’s minds I should only be sharing recipes and cooking videos, but the reality is I’m a real person with my own story, struggles and flaws so if you have a problem with it, you’re probably best served by following other recipe-sharing sites instead of mine.)

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