Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

I have a message for Robb’s fans – Robb is compelling; I get it. I fell for his lies for 5 years.

Have you wondered why he keeps posting outrageous and slanderous claims on Facebook about a certain Aussie? You know what I mean. The ones that turn into a pity party where you tell him how special he is, and what a psycho nutcase stalker I am, and you promise to take action against me to win brownie points with your celebrity victim Robb Demarest.

Do you think there’s a possibility he’s playing you like a fiddle?

He defames me and stirs up a virtual lynch mob, and then once he gets the traction and attention he craves, what does he do?

He DELETES these posts.

Go back to his FB wall and check.

All that’s left are the those pensive philosophical musings that make him look magnanimous, mature and wise.

Are these the actions of someone who’s been wronged, or of someone who has something to hide?


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Okay, I need to back up a little, for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about.

In between my work and raising my special needs kid, I don’t have the time or the inclination to spy on what Robb’s up to. But sometimes, I get unsolicited messages from strangers who send me updates about Robb, usually because they know his capacity for damage if left unfettered, and they want me to call him out on it.

Someone sent me some screenshots of what Robb has been posting on his Facebook wall over the last couple of weeks.

Then they reported back to say that these posts have disappeared. I’m guessing Robb has been doing this for much longer than this past fortnight, but I’m not going to sweat it.

They think he’s drunk posting, but I’ve seen Robb’s drunk posts and they’re riddled with a lot more typos than what’s in these, so I would suggest it’s actually a deliberate, malicious campaign by Robb to smear me without legal consequence.

Anyhow, while I was mulling over the content of these screenshots, I received a private message from Robb Demarest himself.

Some elements of this most recent message are reminiscent of what his own wife sent me several months back (I’d been holding back on talking about that because of their kids).

Here is what he wrote –


Robb Demarest:
Hello Jackie. You mentioned how deceitful and unrepentant (sp) my recent comments had been. With my full permission, would you be okay with me sending official documents that prove I was never charged with sexual assault. My belief is I have been repentant with ppl I dated. That is the truth. I dated one person since Saudi Arabia. She dumped me. Such is life. You have every right, as you know, to print this, but I ask (sp) you to stop. You won. You made my two children embarrassed to be my children. I have one more para event and then I’m done. I hope we can stop after that , but if not I will go all out. Feel free to publish this one your pages.
I have ZERO interest in you getting in trouble.
 You have horrifically embarrassed my children. I remain completely single but enough is enough.So

I’ll address the other points in his message another time, but these statements are what I want to focus on right now –

  • “I have ZERO interest in getting you in trouble”

Robb, if that’s the case, could you explain this post on your Facebook page from around that same time, which

  • implies that I’ve been trying to hack your accounts
  • rallies your troops to file reports with law enforcement
  • smears my reputation among them so that they think I’m a “psycho”, a “stalker” and a “nutcase”
  • claims that you’ve contacted the FBI and the Secret Service about me (stop laughing, everyone else)?





Robb Demarest:

Attempted hacks on me: Facebook, Twitter, Bank, DMV, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail. That said, it’s obvious who you are. You lie and you deceive, yet here I am. People are deceived in thinking the government will deal with justice, but trust me it’s getting close! Aussie Aussie Aussie…..


Yes I have. A combination of the secret service and FBI (sp). No response.


Obviously FBI….no response.

Well, for those of you who actually BELIEVE Robb has been hacked, do you know he’s been regurgitating that same story since he and I first met in 2011? Here are a couple of examples from past conversations –



Robb Demarest:

Couldn’t have them getting hacked out of my email!


People have tried. I get emails that someone tried to change my pwd


Sick of FB. People trying to hack (sp) me every 10 min. Was even accused of being a pedo (sp) on Twitter because I sent a very normal and polite msg to a young fan.

When I told one of the other women about his most recent hacking claim and its attribution to me, she backs me up on it –


He is a big fat liar..he always says people hack (sp) his accounts..anything to get sympathy from people..he is such a good sociopathic liar…

And as for the stalker thing, it’s another Robb Humble Brag going back years –


Robb Demarest:

They spread really malicious rumors, threaten your life directly, give out your home address, etc. Of course, I took it all in stride, but I did pick up a concealed weapons permit and start lugging a 9mm around with me.


BTW, try and guess which poster I have pegged as a stalker…


I had someone follow me all over south florida. I didn’t (sp) want to go home and show them where I lived. So I drove to my Boss’s (sp) house =) Of course he has very menacing security guys. So, I think that dissuaded my pursuers. All very strange.


Good call on Ms. Hickox. My stalkers are so lazy.

For those of you still buying into his act, I’m sorry to disappoint you; whether Robb does it for attention or because he truly is that paranoid, the fact remains that I’m no hacker, and I’m doubtful any of his past girlfriends are either.

I also find it rather interesting that you would demand proof of Robb’s wrongdoings (it’s right here, you just need to actually read the interviews & transcripts), yet you buy into his baseless claim that I’m behind these hacking attempts, hook, line and sinker.

Very odd.

Another thing Robb knows about me is that it’s not my “M.O.” as he himself said in my previous blog post. He KNOWS I don’t go around stalking and hacking him, so folks, you can put away your pitchforks and go home.

I personally have zero interest in stalking Mr. Demarest. Pretty much every piece of information I share here is either a transcript from my chats with him or with the other women, or it was sent to me by people who are just fed-up and can see through this guy’s lies.

  • “I believe I have been repentant (sp) with ppl I dated”

Robb, I checked my spam folder and couldn’t find any form of apology from you, and neither could any of the other women I talked to.

In fact, to date you’ve done nothing but deny, obfuscate and outright lie about what you did. Just so we’re on the same page – repentance is not the same as “feeling sorry for myself because I got caught”

And it’s not this watered-down confession (which you also deleted) – where you somehow manage to present yourself as the victim (I’ve cropped the rest of the message because I want to address that in a later post) –


  • “I have one more para event and then I’m done”

You’re done seeking fame, the platform which enables you to attract and take advantage of vulnerable victims? I know about the “para event” – someone sent me a link to it.

Then please explain this – which the same person also sent me a link to, also from the last couple of weeks –


Spent the afternoon hashing out “The Other Rowling” TV series with my exec producer/co-creator, Robb Demarest (of Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International fame), and I’m feeling pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good (à la Larry David)

Fun fact – someone else who knew about my website tried to warn Ms. Rowling – she responded, apparently, by blocking that person. What does that tell you about those who know and yet choose to turn a blind eye?

To the Robb fan, what does all this tell you about this guy?

It tells me that by deliberately posting lies about me, then deleting them, Robb is staging a virtual campaign to malign me without getting sued.

They are the actions of an unrepentant coward.

I’m accessible to everyone who wants to know more about the Robb story. You can choose to read up on everything on this site, and contact me directly for more proof. Or you can continue to malign and slander me while you consciously remain in the dark because you’re so blinded by your brush with “celebrity”.

The day Robb Demarest truly repents is the day my website gets deleted; until that happens, this “psycho stalker nutcase” will continue to write about him.



I Am Annaliesje (Part 4) – Shanghai Tunnels

(Annaliesje’s story in her own words continues -)

Then there was another crisis with Robb…the event organiser, Shanghai Tunnels, got Robb a business class instead of first class  plane ticket.

Robb totally lost it…


He threatened to cancel the whole event so they ended up buying him a first class ticket to Portland…

Remember Shanghai tunnels is a non-profit and this was a charity event.  

Robb was to call the shots or the whole thing would be off.  

The “Rob calm down” response is Robb’s copy-paste of Nita’s message to him.

Also, his promises of promoting the event did not happen…he would share the event only one time on FB and Twitter.  

I spent my time promoting it but refused to make anymore radio show or TV interviews because of what he did with the radio show.

Constantly sticking my neck out for Robb, which eventually caused things to never be the same again between me and the people at the Shanghai Tunnels.    

Robb would blow his fuse yet again.  

I was trying to promote the Shanghai Tunnels event, so I messaged a bunch of my FB friends in the paranormal groups. I did not really know them personally,  but they were friends on my FB…

One guy messaged me back…he had a paranormal group in Italy…he said his group would share the event, and he made a comment that I was so beautiful.  

I messaged Robb the group’s name from my messenger and asked if he knew these guys…

I was so happy…I attached the message but it also included that comment of me being beautiful…

All of a sudden..I get voice messages from Robb…

He threatened this poor guy and sounded crazy…and drunk…

Voice message from Robb which he said he sent the Italian guy –

He called me that night and said that he loved me so much…that when he is here in a few days he is going to make it up to me…

…the time when he did not call me on Christmas just texted me Christmas night and said Merry Christmas baby…I love you

…and did not call me on New Year’s Eve

…and did not call me on my birthday…just a text that night…happy birthday


…also Valentine’s Day…nothing…no call or text

…all the things that he did to hurt me

…he was going to make it up to his wife to be, when he gets to Portland to be with me.


Robb would arrive 3 days early to spend more time with me and meet my family for the first time…my sister, cousins and more close friends.

We called it the Indonesian party and I stressed it had to be secret…

It would be a disaster…Robb was rude and my friends and sister…cousins..could not stand him…He was not friendly.  

We ended fighting…we fought the rest of the time…then we made up…repeat…

The  Shanghai Tunnels event ended up being a complete failure…very little tickets sold and Robb really did not want to be there, he kept saying it all night to me.  

He held it together though, charming as he was with his words...with his speeches…even funny at times…One girl asked him if he had a girlfriend..and he said yes…I love my girlfriend…Robb did donate money to the fund…he said if anyone donated money, tell him how much and he would match it.

I gave the scheduled speech about Human Trafficking that I was supposed to give but ended up losing it, it was extremely hard for me and Robb saved me and finished the speech, he could be so sweet at times.  He took me shopping and bought me a lot of things…and told me we were going to be going on a vacation and that he wanted to meet my mom and dad…

Dad films a lot with Outdoor Channel and Robb was hoping to meet Dad and talk...He also said that we needed to find a bigger apartment together and  we needed to start planning.


Robb left that Sunday morning…

…it was Easter…

I was at mass when I got a strange text from him saying that a crazy bitch from Australia was out to get him…

(to be continued…)


I am Annaliesje (Part 1)

In my own words…I am Annaliesje.

Once upon a time, he broke me in a million pieces; it felt like tiny knives stabbing me over and over.  That part is gone now.  That was a little over a year ago, a week after Easter. Something I will never forget. A permanent scar, but at least this bleeding wound has healed. I am not perfect or innocent and have never claimed to be…I am human and I make mistakes.


I met Robb Demarest in March of 2015.  I had been training to become a fitness instructor, my dream job.  A Facebook junkie that I am, I was constantly looking at my favorite newsfeeds and liking my favorites, at times, making comments as most people do on Facebook.  

I still remember that day, It was a Saturday morning, before leaving for training at the gym. I liked and commented on a few things on a page that Robb was included in; I can’t remember on what but I got so excited when he liked my comment.  

All of a sudden, I got an instant message from Robb.  He said simply, Indonesian?

My heart skipped, I was so excited.  

I had been loving the paranormal shows and watched them all, since they had came out at the time.  I always loved Robb and the fact that he spoke his mind and that he seemed strong and educated and had so much experience in the paranormal, but it was not really a crush on Robb, at first, I did not feel anything like that for him, but mainly a friend. Yup, that’s true.  

We exchanged a couple more messages but mainly my nationality and my involvement with the Portland Underground (Shanghai Tunnels). I told him that I was a tour guide and told him of a few things that I had experienced down there.  After a couple more messages, I had told him I had to leave for the gym.  

I messaged my phone number and told him that he could message me anytime, he messaged saying, I am usually JUST ONLINE…I did not think too much about that message at that time.  

I finished my class at the gym and noticed that he friend requested me…I was so excited and happy, I accepted quickly.

We messaged each other that night and from there it was almost daily.  He usually would message at night or early morning.  We started sharing little personal things about each other.  I told him about the friends that I had that turned against me, being a human trafficking survivor and some of the strange things that were happening to me paranormal wise.  

That I was seeing a psychic medium and had a ghost attachment named Nina from the Shanghai Tunnels.  

He asked if I had any kids and I was slightly taken back when he asked me if I would ever get married again or have kids.

It had only been a week.  I told him NO WAY…

He told me that he would make it his goal to change my mind about kids and marriage, that when he meets the right one, he wanted to have another baby and be married.  

He had told me that he was DIVORCED and that he had 2 kids.  

Almost daily, we continued messaging each other.  But, I started to freak out a little bit because everything we did was ONLINE…

I told him, should I be worried about RED FLAGS? Why won’t you call me.  

He then said that he was sorry, he did not live in the States but in Saudi.  He did not have a phone, it was too expensive to use it there, so everything had to be online.  

He then called me using the messenger phone, I still remember when I heard his voice for the first time, I got chills, I was so excited, I started to really fall for him.  

We continued to talk of our stories and goals in life.  He helped me through things that I was going through, the aftermath of Human Trafficking, also, I had an agent at the time, that was steering me in the wrong direction of filming and movies that almost ended up down a wrong path in LA.

I was very naïve and one thing I will have to say, Robb did save me on that.  Little did I know he was seasoning me to believe in him and trust him with some of my very darkest times and personal accounts.

Everything happened very quickly, it was like a whirlwind for me.  Within a few weeks, things were getting serious as we started sending cute little pictures to each other, mostly I would, he maybe had sent a total of 5 pictures of himself to me and no, no nudes.  

He would joke at first and say that he can’t see much with all that clothes on.  

I started showing my bra a few times, like a sneak peek and my lacey underthings.  He would give me the best compliments and say how beautiful and sexy that I was and THAT was his…I almost choked, he said, that I was his??  

If I showed him a boob, he would say, that’s mine.  I started getting more brave and sending more pictures.  We would call them Robb Selfies.  If I did not send one in a while, he would say, I need a Robb Selfie.  

We continued to chat online and everything had to be secret.  

He told me that he was a private person and that he did not want anyone know that we were together, that he had to have something at least to stay private and that he had a judgmental fan base.

When I would post things, I would always would call him GREEN HEART, that way Robb would know I was talking about him…Example.  I love my green heart, I love him…His favorite color was green so I just would type the green heart, it was our thing…a code.  


Things suddenly changed after a few months, sometimes he would get mad at me for posting my gym selfies and he would not talk to me for a day or two.

If I did not answer when he tried to call me on messenger, he would get upset with me.  

I worked full time and then had gym training. I was also a tour guide and a paranormal investigator;  I was on alert 24/7 by Robb.

Constantly looking at my phone…worried I would be missing a text or call from him.  

This started to affect my job and my friends started getting worried about me and began asking questions and questioning this relationship.  

At first, Robb was upset because I told 3 of my closest friends about us, but I told him that I had to, they were my best friends. I would end up losing them all to this day except for my sister.

He hated them all, he only liked my friends that were married including my sister.  We started talking about him coming to Portland Oregon and seeing the Shanghai Tunnels and that we were going to have time together and go to The Oregon Coast.  

Robb started to call me, HIS L’IL BABY and he called me ONA..instead of Annaliesje or Annaka.  

One day he would be loving and sweet and the next mad at me.

Sometimes he would call me on the messenger phone, drunk…so drunk I could not understand him.  

I started turning down my plans with my friends and running home instead to be on the phone (messenger) with Robb sending him picture after picture…he started requesting videos…

Yes, I did that too.  Anything Robb would ask, I would do.

HE would tell me what he wanted me to do in the videos and pictures…

I am 100% telling the truth that I had sent him 1000’s and 1000’s of pictures and videos within that year we were dating…yes, we were now a couple, as he put it.  

I was his baby and his wife to be, he would say.  

He would send me tons of those online stickers cartoons on messenger, most of them were a picture of a girl pregnant, he wanted us to have a baby together, I said no, I always kept saying no and that I couldn’t.   


At first it was a funny joke, but it got tiresome for me…I told him to stop with the baby thing…He said nope, that I was going to be the mother of his baby.


I was the one, that I was spoken for. He told me most psychic  mediums are fake, but one told him that he was going to meet his true love in December and she would end up pregnant with his son.   

My heart sank..I was so in love with Robb Demarest.  He would even say I was going to have his last name someday.  

(to be continued…)


Robb Demarest’s Accuser In Her Own Words

A woman who came forward, who has agreed to let me share her story.

This was how it started.

I received a rapid-fire succession of private messages from a stranger after one of my social media shares about Robb. Not unusual in itself, considering how many people have contacted me over the months since I started this website.

These were the messages (my responses removed) –

People need to know wot an absolute horrible, mental, disgusting creature robb demarest is!!!

I hope he gets wot Is coming to him!!!

I’ve encountered him x horrible person x

I wish I could tell u more, but I can’t take any risk xx

I can’t say tho what happened to me to hate that man but I can point u in directions x

I promise u I’m not lying

Please please keep this confidential x

I thought initially that she was another ex-girlfriend, but she rejected that outright and said they were never in a relationship. She was very guarded with her information; she would only say that the police were called. That got my attention.

It took several days of back-and-forths to get the full story out of her. It was mentally gruelling because of my familiarity with the accused.

I’ve largely removed my own dialogue (with minor exceptions) and changed the order of some of the conversation to produce a linear retelling of the alleged assault (a lot of the information came in small, disjointed bites, especially at the beginning).

Naturally, I deleted all references that would expose her identity and that of others in the story.

She said she had been tasked with picking up Robb Demarest for a couple of hours’ sightseeing during one of his “celebrity ghost tours”.

I’ve grouped together some of the messages to show her state of mind.

This is the accuser – a single mom in a loving, supportive relationship at the time of the encounter – in her own words –

What she thought about Robb Demarest –

I don’t know much about robb at all

I don’t know who or what he is like.

I never dated him or ever wanted to

This man destroyed my life!

He is a sick twisted dangerous man x women need to be warned about him!!!

He is a sick, violent disgusting man xx

Her background –

I was just happy being a woman of 36 enjoying going back to school, met an amazing man and then he (Robb) fucked it all up for me


Her account of what happened –

I was meeting him at the holiday Inn to take him round the sites

I had met him a few times while doing investigations

I was their to take him around the scenery

He said to me come up and knock the hotel door

I’m so fucking stupid!!!!!

If I didn’t go to his hotel room! I’m so stupid and trusting😭😭

He still scares me

But other women need to know x

His hands went everywhere

When they went down the front of my trousers I remember saying no and he just went on saying it is just a vagina!

No means no in my eyes

He could see the tears running down my face

When did you start crying? – Jackie M

After I told him no

I wasn’t dressed slutty. I was in a pair of jeans and a black top which went to my neck nearly

He bruised me and took any dignity I had x

He twisted my nipples right round so I had to lie down again x




I get this alot still

He tried to sort of strangle me during

Then realised

He wouldn’t let me leave till 6.30

Told me he wanted snuggles

And wanted me to tell him I loved him

The tears were trip me

I think it was roughly 2 2half hours


I couldn’t even Google his name

But now I can x it’s hard to see his face but I will get there in time x

When I look at him, it just reminds me of the rage in his face

When he twisted my nipple I could see (the rage)

When he told me to lie down again

Massive bruise

It was like he knew wot he was doing

He keep saying to me ” tell me you love me” I was like no I don’t I love my boyfriend Please let me go

He liked to have his penis sacked while he watched

God it was awful!

So many people didn’t believe me

I actually doubted myself for a long time x

He tried to do anal with me!!!


I keep getting flashbacks

I’ve just never been able to talk about it

I promise u he did this to me and he is a complete monster

He nearly ruined my life for my children

If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be here x

He didn’t even use a condom or anything

I feared for wot he might do

He is strong

It has taken to now to come through this

Even as we speak it really hurts

I just wanted to go hom(e)

I just wanted away

He left bruises on my nipples, breast top of thighs

I showed the police

Good days x bad days x u have helped me cope better

(About her supportive partner)
Oh yes xxx he took me to police x

Did Robb get arrested? – Jackie M

Nope x He was moving from saudi at time to florida maybe Took them at least 6months (to complete the investigation)

Did the police contact him? – Jackie M


I showed the police

They wanted to do an internal and swabs but I couldn’t!

I just wanted out of there

Last thing I wanted was someone touching me

I want him exposed I want people to read about what sick things he does

I have the letter from the public prosecution office…

Yes their was rape crisis out with me as well to take notes x

I had to get sti tests done

I’ve never spoke to anyone since the day it happened properly apart from police


Her current mindset –

I haven’t been sleeping great

Yea xx i just worry xx

I will be OK x

I still have the odd nightmare x

I even think u think I’m lying

I swear I’m not x

I wouldn’t ever lie about that


R u ok????

I’m really panicking now

Maybe I shouldn’t have told you x

I’m sorry I’m a very honest person x

It took me a full year to get over my trauma x I was cutting myself just so I could feel something x

U have made me feel so much better knowing that he is a crazy man!

I cried knowing that other women have been on his wicked side x but happy I wasn’t on my own x

If I didn’t have children to protect I wouldn’t care if the world knew wot he did to myself and other women !

I really hope someone stands up and gets this out there!!!

That’s wot I worry about to x

I want to see him suffer

Put him in with all the rapists in jail!

I’m so glad the first post is about him and his horrible attitude on Google x

If I had of knew wot sort of man he was, I would never have ever been in that situation

This man needs to be stopped x

It would be amazing if people eould come forward

I will never ever let a man do that to me again.

I want women to know, never ever be alone with this thing x I wouldn’t be surprised if their is a lot more women x

I just worry about everyone x

I just don’t want to go backwards again

I didn’t like the darkness

I really wish other women would come forward