I Am Annaliesje (Part 6) – Final Warning

(Final part of Annaliesje’s story, in her own words -)

Checklist of what Robb Demarest says or does.

Robb will –

  • Meet you online on FB, Twitter, etc or at an event…usually paranormal.  Sometimes from a like on one of his comments or pages.
  • Say he loves you


FullSizeRender (1).jpg

  • Call you Baby
  • Tell you that you are his girlfriend



  • Tell you that he is divorced
  • Talk bad about everyone in the paranormal, even in his own local group
  • Tell you how people wronged him in the paranormal field
  • Tell you about his family wronging him
  • Tell you stories of his friends cheating on their girlfriends and that he could never understand why they cheat
  • Tell you that he is a 1 woman man and you are the one, he does not believe in cheating, and if you do, you are out!



  • Beg you to have his baby and let him get you pregnant and have God decide
  • Call you his wife, wife-to-be or his fiancée.  You are spoken for.
  • Send you tons and tons of cartoon stickers, mostly pregnant girl ones




  • Say romantic things to you (online) but in person…just drama and passive aggressive behavior
  • Make you question your recognition of memories between both of you and second guess yourself
  • Make you feel that you can change him and protect him from what your friends and family say about him
  • Have you make him your priority and make you feel like distancing your friends and plans for him
  • Make you feel sorry for him



  • Charm you and make you forget the ugliness of things between you both that has happened..the fighting but he will remind you that it was all you



  • Send pictures back to you that you had sent him..to make you feel uncomfortable
  • Constantly beg for naked pictures and videos telling you what he wants you to do in them



  • Cut you off for days if you question or say something he does not want to hear or he will change the subject or just keep texting you cartoon messages as a response
  • Hate your friends, only like the married ones
  • Tell you that he is your best friend and that is final
  • Call or text at his own time and you better be there for him 24/7
  • Tell you his phone is broken or he does not have one, he will only do everything online
  • Tell you how and what to post on-line and tell you things like don’t cut your hair or not to go
  • Talk bad about all his girlfriends, they are all cheaters and liars
  • Use his celebrity status (if you can call it that) to charm his way to you
  • Make you keep your relationship private but will make you change your status to (IN A RELATIONSHIP) ON FB. He will not change his and will monitor your posts.
  • Not talk to you for days or weeks at a time periodically
  • Make you feel like you are on eggshells around him..he gets mad very easily
  • Get jealous very easily



  • Talk bad about other paranormal involved people that are relatively famous, but then he will post a picture of himself with them, example…profile pic on FB
  • Tell you he wants to help you with your kids and wants a baby with you
  • Tell you he wants to get an apartment with you and give you a timeline when he will move out of the house and on his own without his ex wife



  • Plan a future of marriage with you



The End – as Robb used to say.


Robb Demarest and the Playboy Covergirl

She’s a famous celebrity and former Playboy covergirl –  the ultimate trophy girlfriend.

This is Woman #8 in her own words.

I love how she is so dismissive of Demarest; for instance, despite being once engaged to him, she spelled his name “Rob”, which I know is one of his biggest pet peeves.

Also, after multiple references to their first romantic getaway in Greece which he booked and paid for, this was what she had to say  –


And about their engagement –

We got engaged during the trip down south. I wish I could remember when that was, but obviously it wasn’t very memorable! 

Unlike with the other women, their common ground was not an interest in the paranormal, but rather their celebrity – they met at a signing event.

And unlike some of the other women at the time of their break-up, she was glad to be rid of him.

People in her circle who had direct interaction with him recognized that he was a sociopath.

She says she had no idea he was cheating; she broke up with him because of his behaviour.

Until recently all I knew about their relationship was what he told me (https://robbdemarestcheats.com/2016/06/26/the-super-exceeding-relationship/) –

  • He only dated her after I broke up with him on or around May 13, 2012
  • They only dated briefly
  • They never slept together
  • He got into a 9-hour fight with her when she tagged him in a photo on FB

When he came clean to me in Dec 2012, I was mad at him for having dated other women when we’d briefly broken up, especially since my baby was in the ICU at the time.

But I wasn’t jealous of her as such; I thought she was a rebound girlfriend despite her formidable achievements and stunning good looks.

Demarest’s lies about Woman #8 started to unravel when two of the other ex-girlfriends suggested I needed to talk to her.

Evidently Demarest was a lot more obsessed about her than I had realised, and had alternated between bragging about being in a relationship with a Playboy model and dishing the dirt on her.

This was what I was told by one of the other women, which puts paid to his claim he never slept with Woman #8 –



The same person found and sent me a picture of Woman #8 wearing an engagement ring on FB; based on the timeline it would mean he proposed to her within weeks of proposing to me.

Meanwhile, my baby, that he was going to adopt and “raise to be proud that his dad is a TV star”, was fighting for his life in hospital.

Compare the dates of my conversations with him –

My Skype message to him on 13 June 2012 right after being told by the doctors that my baby had taken a turn for the worse and wasn’t going to make it –

baby dying 2.png

I never knew he went to Turkey; even with the passage of time, he never divulged that he travelled there, let alone that he sneaked off to hook up with Woman #8.

So while he was commiserating with me about my baby’s impending death, he was commenting on her FB wall where she’d posted a picture of him –


<ps. For everyone who keeps asking why Demarest doesn’t smile in photos – it’s because of his bad teeth. Now you can stop wondering.>

My FB post on June 17, 2012. Knowing that I was alone and rarely had visitors in the ICU, doctors had urged me to find someone to come and be with me because Noah was going to die.


Second open heart surgery (I warned you this was going to be confronting; give it a rest if you think it’s tasteless to share. Demarest needs to be shown for what kind of person he is.) –


Another turn for the worse –


I contacted Woman #8 and she responded  –

OMG, I’m sick to my stomach…

<re: finding out about his cheating>

She went on to confirm they were together from 2012-2013.

I wanted to compare timelines. This was what she said –

We went to Greece <actually Turkey> June 2012. Then we went somewhere in the south, but forget when exactly.

We were talking daily before that. So I’m guessing it was around Feb/March.

So, he was talking to her daily from Feb/March, while he and I were in the thick of our relationship. This was the kind of message he was sending me during that time (this one from April 2012). Pretty convincing, right? –


I broke up with Demarest on or around May 13, 2012. I asked her when their June rendezvous was booked –


While he technically didn’t consummate his relationship with Woman #8 until June, he had already booked tickets for their romantic trip one week BEFORE we broke up, and he’d presumably planned it for weeks before that.

The fact that I broke up with him before he flew out to meet her had nothing to do with his actions. He was always going to cheat on me with her.

Same day he booked their flights, this was part of our (fairly unremarkable) chat transcript –6may.png

Woman #8 –  

By Oct 2012...I was over it…

Despite his obsession with Woman #8, he was displaying jealousy and paranoia towards me at the same time.

This was an email back-and-forth from Demarest freaking out in October 2012 after he saw that a TV producer had suggested he and I caught up for drinks to discuss a TV project. The fact that I was pitching the project for Robb probably helped rein him in a bit.

Robb Demarest – Go out for a drink? WTH……?

15:31 (5 hours ago)

Jackie M – Casual meeting, I guess

16:34 (4 hours ago)

Robb Demarest – Dont show him your boobs!

16:42 (4 hours ago)

Jackie M – You don’t think I should? <I am joking here, for those who don’t know me>

16:43 (4 hours ago)

Robb Demarest – NYOK!!!!!!!!!! Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2012 8:43 AM Subject: Re: Uhhhh

16:47 (4 hours ago)

Jackie M – ROBB!!!!!!!!

16:47 (4 hours ago)

Robb Demarest – HAKKA!!!!! Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2012 8:47 AM Subject: Re: Uhhhh

17:05 (4 hours ago)

Jackie M – That’s me!

17:07 (4 hours ago)

Robb Demarest –  Well dont be bad Hakka!

October 2012 – 5 months in ICU and counting.


And this audio was Demarest to me in December 2012, supposedly after their brief, non-sexual relationship –


According to Woman #8, despite breaking it off with him in late 2012, he worked himself back into her life and they didn’t finally break up until early July 2013, when she told him to never contact her again.

By that stage, he had already collected a string of other women while maintaining relationships with both Woman #8 and myself.

Apparently Demarest has tried to contact her, the last time being about 4-5 months before our chat. She continues to ignore him.