I Am Annaliesje (Part 6) – Final Warning

(Final part of Annaliesje’s story, in her own words -)

Checklist of what Robb Demarest says or does.

Robb will –

  • Meet you online on FB, Twitter, etc or at an event…usually paranormal.  Sometimes from a like on one of his comments or pages.
  • Say he loves you


FullSizeRender (1).jpg

  • Call you Baby
  • Tell you that you are his girlfriend



  • Tell you that he is divorced
  • Talk bad about everyone in the paranormal, even in his own local group
  • Tell you how people wronged him in the paranormal field
  • Tell you about his family wronging him
  • Tell you stories of his friends cheating on their girlfriends and that he could never understand why they cheat
  • Tell you that he is a 1 woman man and you are the one, he does not believe in cheating, and if you do, you are out!



  • Beg you to have his baby and let him get you pregnant and have God decide
  • Call you his wife, wife-to-be or his fiancée.  You are spoken for.
  • Send you tons and tons of cartoon stickers, mostly pregnant girl ones




  • Say romantic things to you (online) but in person…just drama and passive aggressive behavior
  • Make you question your recognition of memories between both of you and second guess yourself
  • Make you feel that you can change him and protect him from what your friends and family say about him
  • Have you make him your priority and make you feel like distancing your friends and plans for him
  • Make you feel sorry for him



  • Charm you and make you forget the ugliness of things between you both that has happened..the fighting but he will remind you that it was all you



  • Send pictures back to you that you had sent him..to make you feel uncomfortable
  • Constantly beg for naked pictures and videos telling you what he wants you to do in them



  • Cut you off for days if you question or say something he does not want to hear or he will change the subject or just keep texting you cartoon messages as a response
  • Hate your friends, only like the married ones
  • Tell you that he is your best friend and that is final
  • Call or text at his own time and you better be there for him 24/7
  • Tell you his phone is broken or he does not have one, he will only do everything online
  • Tell you how and what to post on-line and tell you things like don’t cut your hair or not to go
  • Talk bad about all his girlfriends, they are all cheaters and liars
  • Use his celebrity status (if you can call it that) to charm his way to you
  • Make you keep your relationship private but will make you change your status to (IN A RELATIONSHIP) ON FB. He will not change his and will monitor your posts.
  • Not talk to you for days or weeks at a time periodically
  • Make you feel like you are on eggshells around him..he gets mad very easily
  • Get jealous very easily



  • Talk bad about other paranormal involved people that are relatively famous, but then he will post a picture of himself with them, example…profile pic on FB
  • Tell you he wants to help you with your kids and wants a baby with you
  • Tell you he wants to get an apartment with you and give you a timeline when he will move out of the house and on his own without his ex wife



  • Plan a future of marriage with you



The End – as Robb used to say.


I Am Annaliesje (Part 5) – The Unravelling

(Annaliesje in her own words, continues…)

I tried texting him back…I would not hear from him until the next day…of course I was at work and upset.  

He called me at work, on my lunch and said that there was an old girlfriend and other girls he dated that are out to get him…I told him that I did not care, that was a long time ago…

As long as you have not cheated on me…I don’t care…he said he would never hurt me and that he loved me…that Friday, I was to teach my very first class…early morning at 8.30am…

Now it was Thursday morning and my phone was blowing up from messages and texts about my boyfriend, Robb…it’s all over the internet…a fraud…cheater…double life…married…all these women…

I then got a call from a reporter…I was literally in shock…I was still in my PJ’s and could not move out of bed…I had to get a throw up pan and was constantly throwing up…The reporter gave me Jackie’s info…the whistle blower…

I messaged her…why are you doing this to Robb Demarest? 


Annaliesje Trees – I’m sorry to bother you but why are you doing this to Robb Demerest (sp) I just need to know. Thank you (April 1, 2016)

Annaliesje Trees – Will you please call me? I need closure please. 503xxxxxx I need to know the truth. Thank you…You can call me on messenger as well. (April 1, 2016)

She went on to tell me…I was so sick…I was so in shock…I couldn’t move…shaking…crying…

I texted Robb…he said ignore them…it is all lies…

I dated them years and years ago…

ignore them.JPG
(Did you) really message this woman in February (2016)?

(The evidence – )


(Message from Robb Demarest to Jackie M on 2 Feb, 2016)

Robb Demarest –

You are my tiny baby

My Tang


I own the rights to Nyok Tang

Call yourself Jackie all u want but I’ll sue u

(2 Feb 2016)

(Robb’s explanation for the evidence)


(Robb Demarest claimed this was old conversation but note the mention of losing his (Saudi) job which was a recent occurrence)

Robb Demarest – 

…Swear on my kids

I wanted you 24/7

(Then come over!)

If I had the money…I got let go

(It doesn’t cost much to fly, right?)

I lost my job, Nyok. You should be my sugar momma 😉


(Feb 2016)



(Conversation between Robb Demarest and Jackie M Feb 2016 re: Vietnam)

Robb Demarest – 

Hell Yes! Can we get sponsors?

(I can start asking….Vietnam I have to get my assistant to research)

Cambodia? Laos?

(Okay will put sth together)


Can I xxxxxx you?




Btw I really want to…

(You’d better not be seeing anyone else)

I’m not, and you better whisper…

(February 2016)

He tried calling me over and over and texted me…

Ignored him…he texted me that he did not want to hurt me that maybe we should break up so then when people ask about him…I could say we aren’t together any longer but we will secretly keep dating…

Just to give it a rest for awhile until this whole thing blows over…

The rest of the day…it was all over FB…Twitter and on the news…

I ignored my friends and family…

I was in shock, remember, that next morning, I was to teach my very  first fitness class…and I did it, to be honest, I don’t even remember teaching it…

I know now, that was because I was in severe shock, I could barely see out of my almost closed swollen eyes.  

(More evidence from a different woman – Woman #6’s message to Robb Demarest when she found out about his trip to see Annaliesje)

Rachel & Jackie_Twitter - 5

Robb would text me a few more times through the week and then it stopped.  

The aftermath was awful…I got hate texts and messages from people in the paranormal and even people I did not know.  

Again, calling me a slut, liar and more or less an attention getter trying to get fame from Robb Demarest.  

When these women were coming forward, I again,  got another shock treatment, when I recognized one of the women, I had actually gone to school with her in the 9th grade and we were best friends and even modeled together for the same agency, she had moved to California and become famous!

Woman #8 & childhood friend of Annaliesje, Mia St. John

It is a small world out there.

The women that were coming forward, I noticed that we all looked so much alike. Mostly dark hair and dark eyes.  

I ended up going to counseling; it has been a tough road but I am much better.  

I look back on this, thinking, what was I thinking and how dumb was I to have believed all of this and putting up with it.  Most people out there will say, why did you not get out of it quickly. You are stupid and etc.  I don’t know.  

For over the past 3 years, I have been going through a lot. My marriage ended after 20 years, losing friends that had sided with my ex-husband and tried to flow bad rumors about me in the paranormal and lies, the human trafficking fiasco including the TV episode I was in about it, trying to hide it all from my family,  a terrible modeling agent, and my mental health taking its toll.  

I am now out of the paranormal and no longer with The Shanghai Tunnels.  I have to stay out of the paranormal, it is not healthy for me mentally or physically.

All the time in dusty basements and investigating old houses etc, has taken an effect on my lungs.  I still today, have a spot on my lung, a lung infection, pneumonia.   This is my opinion,  but I feel like the paranormal field changes people, it did me.

I was not myself and  I began  not being happy and I was always frustrated and unhappy. There are a lot of badisms in this field. It changed me too but I changed back and got out of it.  

This will make these people mad at me for saying this but a lot of people in these groups knew about Robb and turned the other way.  His friends would even reach out to me telling me that they believe me but yet they are still friends with him to this very day.  I really don’t get it.

Robb never had anything nice to say about anyone , especially famous paranormal people out there, yes, I know about you guys. He told me how a guy from Ghost Hunters International took his job away and about his girlfriend on the show; he made me watch her on an episode on a DVD when he was here and told me she was a cheater and that her sister wanted them to get married and how all girls cheated on him. He continued over and over and over again, trash talked about everyone in the paranormal.


One of many examples of Robb’s conversations about paranormal celebrities

Robb will try to convince you that you are the one and he will pressure you to get pregnant over and over again! Yes, there was a baby involved and NO, it’s not what you think…I will leave it at that…I don’t want to talk anymore about this subject.

I am not doing this for revenge; to this very day, I still get told by friends and family to move on. They will never really understand and have never gone through this. Please let God judge…don’t judge me.  

As I have learned in counseling, people heal and recover at different speeds. I had to do this letter for me and for all women that have gone or is going through something like this.

I really want all women out there and paranormal groups out there, to really look at what’s going on.  We all are daughters, sisters, aunts , mothers and grandmothers or have them. Would you want any of this stuff to happen to them? You may hate me or not like me but I would not wish these things on my enemies!!  

I have gotten comments like – This has nothing to do with the Paranormal.  Oh, but it does.  The facts are out there, I have taken the steps to protect myself as proof! I trust no-one anymore! I have grown stronger and have learned from this, I have since gotten closer to God and have new friends in the fitness world focusing  on positivity and looking for a much brighter future and look at life.  

I still go to counseling and have started my life over.  I will never be broken again by a sexual predator, mind mixer and a fraud like Robb, ever again!

Girls, if you are currently with him, just know that I have said many prayers for you, because you will need them, because he will destroy your life like he almost destroyed mine.

(final instalment to come…)


I Am Annaliesje (Part 4) – Shanghai Tunnels

(Annaliesje’s story in her own words continues -)

Then there was another crisis with Robb…the event organiser, Shanghai Tunnels, got Robb a business class instead of first class  plane ticket.

Robb totally lost it…


He threatened to cancel the whole event so they ended up buying him a first class ticket to Portland…

Remember Shanghai tunnels is a non-profit and this was a charity event.  

Robb was to call the shots or the whole thing would be off.  

The “Rob calm down” response is Robb’s copy-paste of Nita’s message to him.

Also, his promises of promoting the event did not happen…he would share the event only one time on FB and Twitter.  

I spent my time promoting it but refused to make anymore radio show or TV interviews because of what he did with the radio show.

Constantly sticking my neck out for Robb, which eventually caused things to never be the same again between me and the people at the Shanghai Tunnels.    

Robb would blow his fuse yet again.  

I was trying to promote the Shanghai Tunnels event, so I messaged a bunch of my FB friends in the paranormal groups. I did not really know them personally,  but they were friends on my FB…

One guy messaged me back…he had a paranormal group in Italy…he said his group would share the event, and he made a comment that I was so beautiful.  

I messaged Robb the group’s name from my messenger and asked if he knew these guys…

I was so happy…I attached the message but it also included that comment of me being beautiful…

All of a sudden..I get voice messages from Robb…

He threatened this poor guy and sounded crazy…and drunk…

Voice message from Robb which he said he sent the Italian guy –

He called me that night and said that he loved me so much…that when he is here in a few days he is going to make it up to me…

…the time when he did not call me on Christmas just texted me Christmas night and said Merry Christmas baby…I love you

…and did not call me on New Year’s Eve

…and did not call me on my birthday…just a text that night…happy birthday


…also Valentine’s Day…nothing…no call or text

…all the things that he did to hurt me

…he was going to make it up to his wife to be, when he gets to Portland to be with me.


Robb would arrive 3 days early to spend more time with me and meet my family for the first time…my sister, cousins and more close friends.

We called it the Indonesian party and I stressed it had to be secret…

It would be a disaster…Robb was rude and my friends and sister…cousins..could not stand him…He was not friendly.  

We ended fighting…we fought the rest of the time…then we made up…repeat…

The  Shanghai Tunnels event ended up being a complete failure…very little tickets sold and Robb really did not want to be there, he kept saying it all night to me.  

He held it together though, charming as he was with his words...with his speeches…even funny at times…One girl asked him if he had a girlfriend..and he said yes…I love my girlfriend…Robb did donate money to the fund…he said if anyone donated money, tell him how much and he would match it.

I gave the scheduled speech about Human Trafficking that I was supposed to give but ended up losing it, it was extremely hard for me and Robb saved me and finished the speech, he could be so sweet at times.  He took me shopping and bought me a lot of things…and told me we were going to be going on a vacation and that he wanted to meet my mom and dad…

Dad films a lot with Outdoor Channel and Robb was hoping to meet Dad and talk...He also said that we needed to find a bigger apartment together and  we needed to start planning.


Robb left that Sunday morning…

…it was Easter…

I was at mass when I got a strange text from him saying that a crazy bitch from Australia was out to get him…

(to be continued…)


World Boxing Champion Delivers Knockout Punch to Ghost Hunter’s Denials

Back when we first met, Demarest “confessed” to me about his promiscuous past, while promising he was a changed man. I asked him at the time why there were no scandalous stories about him online.

He said that was because he used to date women who were in the public eye. His theory – it was in their interest to keep their reputations scandal-free.

I guess he’s since learned that his theory failed when it came to me.

I think it’s important as a public figure to make a stand and speak out about this predator.

Robb Demarest has denied my accusations and called me a liar; he tells his loyal followers that he never dated 2 women at the same time. Until now, all you had was his word against mine and that of 7 anonymous women.


I’ve been privileged to connect with Robb’s girlfriends – courageous, resilient, beautiful, strong women – who have generously told me their own stories and provided a mountain of evidence in the form of timelines, chat transcripts, voice messages, photos etc. to support my claims.

It would be easier for them to forget everything and move on with rebuilding their lives. Reading some of my posts re-opens raw wounds, yet they continue to encourage me and help in whatever way they can.

These women, most of whom are private citizens, are not in a position to go public for a variety of reasons – career, family, reputation – not to mention being the target of unsympathetic victim blamers and Demarest groupies.

I reached out to some of Demarest’s past co-stars who were rumoured to have been involved with him. None of them stepped up and some even continue to collaborate with him by signing up with his newly-formed agency, Raven’s Entertainment. I guess he was right to rely on their silence.

Now, Robb Demarest is going to find out that his theory about public figures has failed for a second time.

Meet Mia St John, 5-time World and International Boxing Champion and Playboy Covergirl – aka Woman #8


Since we connected, I’ve gotten to know Mia as an incredible inspiration; her story is a profile in courage both in her professional and personal life.

She is a passionate advocate for mental health awareness through her foundation – http://www.miastjohnfoundation.org/ – and I am so proud (not to mention relieved) that she has chosen to step up and, in effect, confirm her side of the story about which I’ve written at length in previous posts.

On behalf of all the women, thank you Mia, for coming forward to deliver the knockout punch to Demarest’s lies.



I Get What You’re Doing Now

That was the message from a male friend who had been following my Demarest posts from Day One, and who had originally questioned whether my “obsession” might be hurting me.

(If you’re one of those people who wonder the same thing, trust me, it’s not – it’s my way of reclaiming my power and sending a message to Demarest that I am going to hold him accountable for his actions.)

Oh yes, before I go on, I know I’m missing Part 2 of The Women In Their Own Words . I tend to underestimate the impact of my posts and Part 1 stirred up quite a hornet’s nest online when it was posted just over a week ago. I thrive in this environment but I appreciate a lot of it is still very raw for some of the other women. I’m giving them some breathing space before I publish part deux, but it will solve the mystery of Florida and also involve a Playboy centerfold, so keep your eyes peeled for it.

I didn't come this farto only come this far

My friend writes –

I get what you’re doing now. It’s legitimate. He’s an absolute dead ringer to subject a person to violence.

Me – …People need to be warned about him. He’s a fraud.

…He my (sp) be sociopathic as well per the fact that he has been successful in switching his emotions off….

Me – …Publicly he was fundraising for breast cancer but when one of his women had  a breast cancer scare he had zero interest or concern. She (later) had a breakdown and he wouldn’t even take her calls.

…he has learned that he has an ability to gain the emotional trust of females. It’s quite deadly. 

(At this point my friend gave a theory about Demarest’s sexual orientation which I won’t share right now since I still know very little about human psychology.)

You are doing this because you are appalled at yourself for falling for him.

Me – Yes that’s a large part of it…He gained access to me via his celebrity.

You are an intelligent, capable (pick another 10 adjectives) yet he got under your skin.

Me – Not that I had a crush on him, but because I recognised him from TV I added him back.

So it’s a personal catharsis as well as a warning to other less able women…

My friend was right, of course. I’ve always prided myself in being a tough nut to crack and Demarest recognised that when he wormed his way back into my life in January/February this year (some lovey-dovey talk from him preceded this) –


(nb. I’ll talk about the proposal another time; it’s a good story.)


So that’s very recent, and after years of dealing with his inconsistencies I was clearly guarded, but I wanted to compare it to interactions from the early days, and this was what I dug up from back in January 2012 (don’t forget our date formats are backwards in this part of the world).

This was what I was like 4 years ago, before we started officially dating. At this point he had spent weeks grooming me through long hours of platonic conversation, and he was getting impatient (he’s referring here to my Chinese name – Nyok) –

[11/01/2012 12:25:16 AM] robbghi says: I like it.
[11/01/2012 12:25:22 AM] Jackie M says: chinese music?
[11/01/2012 12:25:30 AM] robbghi says: And your name.
[11/01/2012 12:25:35 AM] Jackie M says: ok
[11/01/2012 12:25:45 AM] Jackie M says: thank you
[11/01/2012 12:25:51 AM] robbghi says: You are very welcome.
[11/01/2012 12:26:20 AM] robbghi says: And your hair.
[11/01/2012 12:26:31 AM] robbghi says: And your smile.
[11/01/2012 12:26:43 AM] Jackie M says: thanks. i get that a lot.my hair, that is. my name, not so much.
[11/01/2012 12:26:45 AM] Jackie M says: never, in fact
[11/01/2012 12:26:46 AM] robbghi says: The attitude though? Phew…thats tough
[11/01/2012 12:26:56 AM] Jackie M says: yeah, deal with it

And this, in the middle of a chat about a TV show –


Followed by this –


Yes, I’m mad at myself for eventually succumbing to him; I held up really well for the longest time. I didn’t go weak-kneed at the attention from this (minor) celebrity, and I’m not (despite an idiotic Mr. Prater’s little tantrum on my FB page about my “jilted woman” posts) writing because I’m bitter about the “fish that got away” – I’m telling a story that needs to be told.

Potential victims can read about all of this and make their own decisions – some continue to defend him and that’s their prerogative. My job is to show the world how this conman got under my skin (and that of SEVEN other women) – if he can do it to me, he can do it to anyone.

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Psychology and the Demarest Scandal


I can cook Malaysian food, I can fix computers and I can speak a bunch of languages.

These are the skills I’ve accumulated over the years as a Malaysian street food expert, IT consultant and BA (Languages) graduate.

You know what I’m completely clueless about? Human psychology.  

Over the last few weeks since I found out about Demarest’s deceptions, I’ve tried to read up on it. I saw the term “sociopath” in blogger John Craig’s writings, and it struck a chord because it described Demarest accurately.

Then when the story broke, I was contacted by other people who have had similar experiences. Comparing notes with them has helped me to wrap my head around Demarest’s behaviour, which I had thought was an isolated case.

One of these is Australian blogger Laura at http://bossandthepudding.blogspot.com.au/ .

She had coincidentally written a 6-part series about someone close to her who spent TWELVE YEARS with a sexual conman in the same mould as Demarest.

This person groomed three women into believing they were in exclusive relationships with him right here in Sydney. When he was due to move to the Middle East, he even tried to convince them to relocate there with him. One had her plane ticket in hand when his lies finally came undone at the airport.

The parallels with Demarest are uncanny. Demarest proposed marriage, talked babies and weddings and tried to get 4 different women to uproot their lives and move in with him – all at the same time.  (Five, if you count the conversation he had about moving to be with yours truly in Australia, though that later morphed into talk about reuniting in Vietnam instead.)

His Swedish fiancée spent a year planning to move to Florida.

Another woman was weeks from relocating with her young child over 1000 miles to be with him; she was actively house-hunting based on his prompting. They’d even picked a wedding venue.

These are not even the most abhorrent or destructive of his actions – I’ll cover those in future posts.

I’ve no idea how these men planned to pull off their elaborate schemes, but I love Laura’s psychological insights both in her writing and in my conversations with her.


Laura talked about emotional abuse. I had to look up what it means –

Emotional abuse is abuse that occurs when a person is subjected to behaviours or actions (often repeatedly) aimed at preventing or controlling their behaviour, with the intent to cause them emotional harm or fear through manipulation, isolation or intimidation” (ABS, 2014).

This describes what the Demarest women went through during their relationships.

One example of many – woman #7 experienced a trigger the other day, nearly 4 weeks after breaking up with him, when she visited a hairdresser.

Traumatised by memories of Demarest’s rage-filled outbursts and control about her hair length, she couldn’t bring herself to have her hair trimmed beyond what he would allow.

Woman #6 has a similar story about Demarest going berserk when she had her hair cut back in November.

We agree he was oppressive and stressful to be around, and yet he always managed to worm his way back into our affections.

From Laura’s blog

As a broader issue, this story illustrates just how subtle, intricate, pervasive and devastating emotional abuse can be….the issue of domestic violence and emotional abuse is a far too prevalent and toxic element in today’s society. Being such an intimate and shame-filled experience, it is rarely shared openly.

Laura also talked about Gaslighting – another new term by me. Wikipedia describes it as such –

Gaslighting or gas-lighting is a form of mental abuse in which information is twisted or spun (or) selectively omitted to favor the abuser, or false information is presented with the intent of making victims doubt their own memory, perception, and sanity.

This has been Demarest’s technique when challenged – both before and since the story came out. He sent me a series of messages and I refuse to engage him for this reason. The women that did in the hope he would admit wrongdoing have come away confused, distraught and humiliated.



Other terms that Laura mentioned are BPD and NPD – borderline personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder. I’m still playing catch-up with these meanings, but I am alarmed that I’ve gone through life never realising there are such destructive people out there that are seemingly normal, high-functioning individuals.

My own experience of going public shows me that society downplays the damage these sociopaths inflict, so I’m encouraged to read of Laura’s take on this (emphases mine) –

not all wounds are physical and the ones we can’t see are often the most difficult to recover from…

…the victims are left to deal with a legacy of fear and lingering doubt, while also protecting the abuser with a code of silence…

Our society expects victims to politely take their trauma and deal with it behind closed doors lest it make the rest of us feel uncomfortable.

(http://bossandthepudding.blogspot.com.au – Not a Fairy Tale Parts 1-6)

That last quote encapsulates the reactions I’ve received from writing and sharing about Demarest. Despite constant reminders that in order for this story to stick, I NEED to create depth and width in my content, I keep being told to “move on and heal” by patronizing do-gooders.

Writing and sharing IS my way of moving on and healing – and if you think it’s tacky, please ignore my posts on social media or simply unfollow me.


One final intriguing aspect about the women in Laura’s story is this –

What they all have found…is that they have a ready-made support group unlike any other; a group who understands almost EXACTLY what the others have experienced. They know the intimate details of each other’s pain and suffering.

This again matches the experience of the women in the Demarest scandal.

A close-knit group of us continue to support and talk to each other on a near-daily basis. I may be the one yelling from the rooftops about this jerk, but I’ve got a cheer squad behind the scenes that keeps me going.

(As with all my posts, my claims are drawn directly from conversations with the women who have come forward. Transcripts and other evidence available on request.)

Read Laura’s story here >> http://bossandthepudding.blogspot.com.au/2016/03/not-fairytale-part-1.html

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