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Update 19 Feb 2017 – The most common excuse I get from paranormal groups and event organisers that continue to associate with Robb Demarest, is that my/our gripe is personal whereas they’re dealing with him on a professional basis. In other words, we’re just a bunch of scorned women and our issue has nothing to do with the paranormal. Not true. Based on all the evidence I’ve collated, it’s hard to draw any other conclusion but that Robb Demarest is a predator who uses his paranormal celebrity to prey on victims. Apart from his prolific lies and manipulation of women, he has been accused of rape by one of his fans. By giving him a platform, these groups are enabling his behaviour and prolonging his capacity to wreak havoc on women’s lives. For men who think that “boys will be boys”, please think how you would like it if your daughter, sister or wife fell victim to this man.)


When Robb Demarest connected with me out of the blue in December 2011, I did a quick google of him and found a Tumblr blog post from a starry-eyed female fan.

She was excited! Robb Demarest, a celebrity ghost hunter, had connected with her, and they were talking on a “personal level”!

It crossed my mind then that he must spend a lot of time connecting with and “talking” to female fans online.

On a personal level.

I very rarely engage with random men online, but I knew of Robb from his stint at Ghost Hunters International so I added him back.

That Tumblr post has now disappeared from search results, and this is part of the reason why I created this site.

I don’t want other women to make the same mistake that I made in getting involved with Robb Demarest. This blog is to expose the truth about Robb’s behaviour towards women, and all of it is backed up by actual interview transcripts.

I’m doing this to show how he –

  • uses his celebrity to gain access to women’s trust
  • preys on women with an interest in the paranormal
  • targets vulnerable women, especially single moms
  • makes promises of a future that he has no intention of keeping
  • wreaks havoc on not just these women’s lives but that of those around them.

There are now TWELVE women who have come forward; ELEVEN of whom are single moms. Robb Demarest has his defenders but the purpose of this site is to do data dumps of the evidence collated from all of us.

Fair warning – some of it may be not be pretty.

It’s necessary so you get a good picture of the kind of evidence we have on him.

It’s instigated in part by his claims that I’m lying.

Tackle this with an open mind (as Robb himself would suggest when it comes to analyzing paranormal evidence) and judge for yourself.

Either all TWELVE of us are lying, or he is.

For the sake of brevity (as if my posts aren’t long enough) I have distilled and summarised some of the claims rather than post entire transcripts, but please don’t write off these claims as baseless and unsubstantiated. I have volumes of written and other evidence I’m happy to provide in the event of any legal challenge.

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